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Sparkle and Rock Box Review | March 2017

This is my first ever Sparkle & Rock box and boy was I excited to open this package!! This gorgeous box was packed with 3 beautifully wrapped goodies!

Sparkle and Rock box is a monthly jewellery subscription box. This jewellery subscription is just £18 a month. For that you will receive between 1 and 4 pieces of jewellery. If you only receive one piece of jewellery don’t be disappointed it just means that single piece is either designer or worth a lot more. Sparkle and Rock also allow you to choose your style of jewellery that you will receive. Choose between boho, statement, dainty or the Sparkle & Rock mixed box.

The three items you see above are Sparkle and Rock’s three best-selling items. They are three very different items but i have fallen in love with all three very quickly.

My first item to open was the gorgeous ring. This is a ring that will fit most fingers due to the fact the ring expands at the side by simply adjusting the metal. There are quite a few leaf like rings around at the moment but this borderless ring is round at the edges making it surprisingly comfortable to wear.

The bracelet is just the most beautiful, it is a gold and grey and quite literally goes with any outfit. It looks super cute next to my grey and rose gold Cluse watch. I was totally blown away by this bracelet. It is also not too weighty yet gives the impress that is of a reasonable quality.

And lastly the necklace. This is quite a different item that I would never normally choose, I’m not sure why though, but I love it. Each piece is different. One silver, one gold and one rose gold. It just works so well. Plain yet different. Classy yet kind of chic. Love it!

I had never really heard of a jewellery subscription box before but I love the way you get to to choose the type of jewellery and can get a total surprise too. It makes you step out of your comfort zone and try things new. I think it is really a fantastic idea and offers a very unique experience.

You can use my fabulous code to get a whole £10 (!) off your first box using my code BEAUTY10 . Simply enter my code at the checkout. Shop the box here.


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