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Beauty Confidence | What does it mean for you?

The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar market. Whether we like it or not it is a multi-billion dollar market due to insecurities and desires. The beauty industry is there to point out those fine lines on our foreheads from our frowning need smoothing and  those dark bags under our eyes from our sleep deprivation need covering or even the narrowness of our lips need filling! It is there to show you no one is perfect… but you could be.
HOWEVER (!)…. it is also there to to provide you with the material to make you feel fabulous…. to make you feel confident- whether it be that charcoal face mask or that max length mascara! Most women are suckers for perfection or even simply coverage.

I love everything about the beauty industry. I choose to see the positives rather than the negatives. A face is a canvas and whether you decide to paint the canvas or not you are creating a being you are happy with. Some people choose not to wear any makeup or use any products of any kind and those people embrace what they were born with and that in itself is beautiful.

I see my, I would say makeup stash but it’s more of a room, (so) makeup room as a workshop to create whatever i feel like creating. Chic, Barbie, natural… you can makeup whatever you want. For me it is all about empowering and giving confidence to others. I love that I can cover up my dark eyes when I have been up with my step son for hours or I can slap on that mascara to give my lashes a fake lash lengthening effect, to me, this makes me feel confident. For me this makes me feel awake.
My makeup and skincare is part of my everyday routine so without it i feel like i am not fully dressed. I tend to rub my eyes more without makeup and I think subsequently it makes me more tired.

The beauty industry addresses political issues and most other things that are generally thrown at them, but one thing i feel like don’t address very well is confidence.

Beauty confidence is doing what you need to do to make you feel like you are dressed to kill or like you could take on the world. For me it is about knowing that i am the being the best me I can be and showing others how they can be the best them. I try my best to do this through my blog so people can come to a place of empowerment and support as opposed to a place to smear like so many are.
Beauty confidence is about the little things and the way those little things can help others. It’s amazing what effect the little things can have on others, you can either make someones day or ruin it- so make sure it’s the first!

Beauty confidence is about putting photos like the above up and not feeling like a moron!

What does beauty confidence mean for you?

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