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Dealing With Wisdom Teeth Extraction

I ummed and arrred for a while about doing this post as this month is beauty month. But, I guess some people have their teeth done as a cosmetic operation and some do not have a choice. Wisdom teeth are unnecessary teeth hiding at the back of your mouth and if you have a small mouth like me (HA!) there is not enough room for them and the pain in unbearable. Some people do not have pain but a few teeth misaligned means their look is ruined and they just after to have surgery to be perfect. Don’t get me wrong nobody wants horrific teeth but if I had the choice and I wasn’t in so much pain I would quite happily have slightly wonky teeth.

Why am I telling you about bloomin’ teeth you may ask? Well.. I am currently sitting in bed with  a sore jaw, 16 stitches and 3 new holes in my mouth. They tell me this is a very common operation yet I feel like I have been punched in the face by Mike Tyson.
Jokes aside, my jaw was a little dodgy to begin with so I am doing pretty good considering.

So for anyone wondering what it is like to have wisdom teeth removed under general anesthetic- here you go! The good the bad the very very ugly.

So surgery is normally meant to take around 30 mins for a standard extraction. Mine took an hour and 15mins. I had two top and 1 bottom removed. The one on the bottom was the worst. It’s root was wrapped round a nerve and extracting it would mean potential loss of any feeling in my lower lip. This means I would be dribbling for life. However, when they came to take half the tooth, as agreed, the root was extremely wobbley and it would leave me with no end of trouble if it were left in. So they decide to take the whole tooth. The nerve was untouched thank goodness and I still have feeling in my lower lip.

The two upper were standard. Normally the surgeon would pack your mouth with tampon like tissue to bite down on when you wake to stem the bleeding. Not for me, stitches! 16 of them! Where my teeth were so deep they had to really cut away at the gums nd cheek leaving me gushing with blood no tampon could stem, hence the stitches. Now don’t worry this won’t happen to everyone but just be warned you may be stitched.

Recovery is a whole different ball game. After surgery I wasn’t too swollen, nor did I feel too bad. My mother who waited for me was telling me all the things I said to the nurses whilst I was coming round- not my finest hour. Expect to say things you’ll never remember and expect them to be ridiculous. ” I don’t feel like Beyonce right now” was just one of mine (embarrassed much!).
The day after surgery you will probably begin to swell, by the second day you will most likely look like a form of elephant man. Normally the surgeon clamps your tongue to your chin to keep it out the way, unfortunately, this leaves a very bruised burnt feeling like tongue. After days 4 or 5 this should begin to fade. Remember to take ALL your antibiotics and also remember to use a salt water mouth wash after everything you eat to avoid infection.

I am on day 3 after surgery and feel pretty rough still. The antibiotics are making me feel sick and I am sick of the sight of soup! Any sloppy dinner recommendations would be very welcomed!!

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