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iiaa- Start of Spring

This really is the perfect little Spring Beauty Hamper! iiaa (The International Institute of anti ageing)  aims to create healthy skin from the inside out. Now as you all know I have been mentioning recently about my skin care routine changing with the seasons. This beautiful little hamper has aided me to really support a new regime.

Three companies that have been included in this hamper sent from iiaa are Advanced Nutrition Programme, Environ Skin Care and Jane Iredale. I was totally blown away by each and every one of these brands. It is very unusual you get a whole packaging and literally love every single item.

Let me start with Jane Iredale. They are not a company I had heard of before but having used the products I was sent it makes me want to buy more! Their concealer looks AMAZING!!! The first product of theirs I noticed in the basket was the bronzer refill and holder. The refill enables a cheaper way of buying your next product. The bronzers and blushers simply pop out of the beautiful gold holder to leave you with an empty shell ready for the next. The Bronzer was surprisingly well pigmented which kind of shocked me a little as it is 4 strips of varied shades, however, place them together and you get this beautiful glow. It is truly stunning.
The next items from Jane Iredale were the two shadows. Again they were very well pigmented and lasted a really long time. The wearability is always an issue for me but not in this case.
The two lipsticks came next. There are currently 25 shades to choose from in the range and I was lucky to receive two very different shades yet two that worked really well with my skin tone. The lipsticks are blended with nourishing natural oils which means your lips don’t dry out after a few hours like so many of them make you. I found the wearability of these to be average but the pigmentation means they will last such a long time. I had so many compliments when wearing them too.
The In Touch cream blush was the last one I opened of the makeup. I am not a huge fan of cream blush yet I persevered. Surprisingly, I found it lasted a lot better that some of the powder blushes I currently own. Maybe cream blushes are the way forward?

All this makeup has been introduced into my everyday makeup and I have found my makeup to be more brighter and lasting a lot longer than usual. The spring shades are just perfect!

Next, rattling around, was a generous supply of 90 Metabolic Support tablets from Advanced Nutrition Program. This small tablet is a great aid for a healthy diet for people trying to lose weight. All the ingredients together help control appetite, manage blood sugar and metabolise fat. Simply take 3 times a day for best effects. I have been taking these for around a week now and I must admit I do feel less bloated. I don’t think I have lost any weight yet but I am 100% feeling better for taking them.

Last but by no means least, the last product that filled out the hamper was Environ Body Profile Sculpting Gel. This is a light, nourishing oil that contains vitamins A, C & E which assists and relieve sun damaged skin. This product is extremely nourishing and quite oily which means you really don’t need a lot. It is not oily in the respect it leaves your skin greasy it simply leaves your skin feeling the best it can. I don’t have hugely sun damaged skin – just a little sun blemishes on my shoulders, however, It has really helped in keeping them feeling soft and smooth with no dryness at all. Pretty impressed with the bottle to be honest.

This beautiful hamper came as a real surprise and I have loved trying the products and using the hamper for picnic. I would love for any of you to give the Jane Iredale makeup a try, they have some truly beautiful shades and you will not be disappointed.


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