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Matis Paris is a company I recently met at the London Beauty show at the Excel. For anyone who hasn’t been to the show it is a total must! It is a brilliant day.
So Matis is a french born company established in Paris in the 30’s. Now I would never normally tell you that but I think it’s important here, because, the company clearly have perfected skin care.

Response Jeuneese Essential Cleansing Emulsion Makeup Remover and Response Jeuneese Essential Lotion Facial Toner are part of routine that you should use together. These particular products focus on preventing the ageing int he first place. From stating with removing makeup all the way to a night cream the company really has you covered. It is probably best to have one of each of the items in this particular range and work through them as a routine to get the full effects but even from simply using these two I found my skin to be super hydrated and ready for what the world was ready to throw at it.

Response Intensive Restructuring Evening Care and Intensive Remodelling care used together totally combat the signs of ageing. There are a few others you can use with these two products to completely replump the skin back to its youthful self. I love the smell of these two products and found that they work a lot better when used together as a routine rather than sporadically.

Response Corps Bain Marin Shower Gel is a very gentle shower gel that targets the skins essential needs such as  hydration, slimming and toning. I found this product to leave my skin super soft and it smelt like lemons and herbs.

Cell ExpertElixir de beauté Beauty elixir was one of my favourite items in the bag. It is mad from white those stem cells which acts on the main anti- age mechanisms and protects the skin from ‘outer aggression’s’ – by that I think they mean against the events. It also helps to stimulate cell renewal meaning your skin looks more youthful. I found this product literally hit the nail on the head! It does what it says on the bottle and leaves your skin feeling years younger. I need this by the lorry load.

I absolutely love Matis! Their products are such good quality and I love how they leave your skin feeling like a new-born baby! I need to get my hands on the whole range! I want to bathe in it! If you haven’t tried their products I recommend them whole heartedly!!!

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