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Elemis Skin Energising Day and Night Cream

Elemis Skin Energising Day and Night Cream

Elemis Skin Energising Day and Night Cream

Elemis Skin Energising Day and Night Cream

Elemis is such a clean cut pure, fresh brand I felt photos with props would ruin the product image. Elemis is a company that prides themselves in luxury skincare and spa brand. For anyone that has heard of Elemis the chances are you would have heard of their Pro-collagen Marine cream. It is to die for! but today I am not writing about that. I am writing about the  Elemis Biotech Energising system. You may ask why is this a system? Well this is 3 steps to getting that youthful skin we all crave so much.

The biotech skin energising cleanser really does leave your skin feeling revived. Its like the feeling when you have spalashed water on your face first thing in the morning before a shower. That wake up to your skin cleansing and tightening. I love that feeling. it makes you awaken fast and ready for the day.

The creams are very strange. There are two separate creams in the sachet operated in the middle. The first is like a normal cream consistency the second is more like a serum. Combining them together harnesses the energising of Zinc, Copper and a trio of acids to leave your skin looking super smooth and youthful. The day cream has actually been proven to help increase cell energy. It is hard to tell from a small sample if this product is anti-ageing as I think you would have to use it more than once. However, upon application my skin feels super soft and definitely 100% nourished.

The night cream, is the same 2 parts but is also enriched with calcium which I believe enables it to work deep overnight. I love the smell of both the day and the night cream, it kind of smells a little nutty/ a little like an expensive sunscreen- that is not said critically.

I would love to be able to try these items in full as I think they have great potential to be fantastic products. The anti-ageing is a big thing for me right now. I am nearly 26 and the laughter lines and frown wrinkles don’t seem to be snapping back as fast any more. To be able to find a product that helps significantly would be amazing.

What anti ageing products do you use?

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