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So at the weekend I took a day trip to Broadstairs, the coastal town near Margate in Kent. This is actually very close to the village where I first lived. Not many of you know my story (maybe Ill tell it one day ) but I have lived in A LOT of houses. But this was the first one the very very first one. I love Broadstairs, the sandy beaches, the chips, the ice creams, the quaint back streets! I love re-living all the memories of my mum taking me when I was little.




You simply CANNOT go to Broadstairs without getting a Morellis. Their sorbets and simply to die for. They have some odd homemade flavours that are just pure bliss. This time saw me having their white chocolate and strawberry cheesecake flavour and Phil having the white chocolate and coffee. BroadstairsBroadstairs

I am going to be honest this is one of my favourite things about Broadstairs. Just off from the beach towards Stone Bay there is a steep alley. If you go up this alley and turn right at the top there is a walk way to the next beach and the walls are filled with shells and beautiful stones. I remember putting my hands inside them as a child and feeling the smoothness. I cant believe they are still there some 25 years later, even if they are eroded a little.


Broadstairs is known for many things. Initially it was known for its ship building and more commonly known for its smuggling. There are still many tunnels and caves which were used by smugglers to hide their contraband which I believe you can go and see. For such a small town it has so much history. In the summer it is always so busy, you cannot park anywhere, but if you can it is the best place to be. There are some great restaurants for food and of course the ice cream and the sandy beaches offer a great place for kids to play. Or childlike adults in my case!
This weekend we walked along the shoreline and lost ourselves in… well life! We talked of our family and how soon it’ll grow and our plans for holidays and fun. Broadstairs is a calm peaceful place filled with exciting happiness. Even on a cold windy day Broadstairs always makes me feel ‘home’.

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