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Glossybox Review | May 2017

Glossybox UK May 2017

Glossybox UK May 2017

Glossybox UK May 2017

Glossybox UK May 2017

Glossybox UK May 2017

Glossybox UK May 2017

I feel like I am starting a fresh this May. A lot of things I feel need to change in my life right now and I think May is the time to do it. Helping me along my way this month is May’s ‘Back to Basics’ Glossybox! For me, right now, this theme is so spot. Let’s strip it all back and start at the basics. Whether it be my makeup, my blog or my home life… it is all about stripping it back to the original basics.Sometimes you need to strip back certain things to re-see the beauty or to kickstart what you did at the beginning. This is especially try when it comes to things like skincare. We all love a good toner, moisturiser, serum etc. but, sometimes, you just simply need one item- maybe the one you used right at the beginning.

If you are new to Glossybox then here is a little info. As you have probably gathered Glossybox is a beauty subscription service. Each month, it delivers a wide and varied selection of 5 beauty treats that include niche, high-end and emerging brands. I love this because you can get some good old faithful products yet try some things you would never normally buy. The latest trends are taken into account with every single box to bring you reusable and stylish boxes full of beauty essentials. There are 4 different ways to subscribe to Glossybox starting from as low as £9.50! Choose between a monthly rollover box (cancel any time), a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month pre paid subscription.

May’s box for me certainly is back to basics. It is a very ‘plain-Jane’ basic box BUT that is a good thing. We need those basic items to create a masterpiece. Picasso didn’t create art without a brush and Mozart did learn music without an instrument.
This months Glossybox sees a variety of beautiful products. Here is what I received;

– Dr Paw Paw Soothing Balm- I love Dr Paw Paw products! You can quite literally use this product on any part of your body including your hair (yes i am being serious). From taming fly-aways to nourishing your cuticles to blaming your lips… this product has you covered. This is 100% natural too and will forever be on my makeup table! Honestly you have to try it to be as wowed as I am!!!

– Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet- My love of Caudalie will always be strong. Their products defy everything I believe about skincare and are just simply at the top for me. Everything about this product is loveable. The smell, the consistency, the way it soaks int he skin so easily, the freshness… everything. I would bathe in Caudalie if I could. This sorbet like moisturizer is not greasy at all and is simply perfect for the spring weather.

– Scrub Love Detoxifying Activated Charcoal Body Scrub- Activated Charcoal is THE thing at the moment. (Last week I went out and had it in a cocktail weird I know). Combine it with a Coffee Scrub and you have pure perfection. This body scrub comes packed full of antioxidants plus aloe-vera and avocado which soothes the skin and fights against impurities. I think the scrub is a really good quality product that does exactly what it says, however, I am going to be honest- they need to change the smell. The scrub as a whole was great and I would highly recommend but I wasn’t over keen on the smell.

– Girl Meets Brush Makeup Brush- This is quite a soft bristled brush that I cant really fault, it is great for blending eyeshadow and feels like it will last quite a while.

– Ruby Blush- An everyday Blush is a must for me. I much prefer blushes to bronzers. My skin is super pale as you all know so a slight pinky splash is always welcome. This blush was quite orangey but with a bit of a tan I think I could pull it off. It seems to be quite well pigmented and blends very well. If i put the tiniest amount on I may be able to get away with wearing it now but I guess it is just another excuse to book a holiday.

This box saw two products I have already seen in other boxes in the past, but this is a good thing. They are great products and sometimes a free re-fill is just what you need. overall I totally loved this box- back to basics.. yes… but they are good basics. There is a great range of full- size and travel-size products in the box and I feel Glossybox have really sat down and thought what are the basics every girl needs and they kind of hit the nail on the head. The only thing I was slightly disappointed with was the smell of the scrub but other than that the box was pure perfection.

New customers in the UK can receive their first GLOSSYBOX for only £5 (+P&P) when they subscribe and use the code GB50 at the checkout. As a special treat this month every box contains a £50 jewellery gift card too. Subscribe here today.


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