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We all know that sometimes life can really grind you down. There are times when the littlest of things can set you off. Whether it be tears, a bad day, a bad week, an ‘episode’… it can be the straw that broke the camels back.
Over the past year I’ve been trying to focus on being a better person for many different reasons. It takes a lot for me to snap and when I do it is not pretty. I am one of those people that’ll sit there and fester until the cup overfills.
A few years ago there was one particular reason why I felt I should be making the change to be better but sometimes when that thing is prominent in your life all the time it is hard.

So I wanted to do a little post about Soul Healing and how I healed mine and became the person I wanted to be.

Soul Healing is different for all. But for the majority of people it is ‘healing a secret hurt’. Soul Healing is a much deeper form of healing which looks at the causes of the problem and not merely at the symptoms so to speak. I think everyone knows deep down a reason why they feel the way they feel and the real root of the problem.
I know I did. Instantly I knew this particular thing was going to be a problem. I knew that it would eat away at me like a Lion to carcass and for a long time I let it. And then all of a sudden that feeling was permanent. No longer was it just when the issue was brought up or it arose again, it was there all the time- it became me!

I knew and felt what the problem was all the time and one night I sat there watching Mrs.Doubtfire and it hit me. I literally sat there and thought ‘Oh my God!’ Bloody deal with it and stop festering. So right there and then I knew it had to change. I know people say just stop- but like smoking it is not that easy.

Little and often! That is what they say right? So I took measures to start eliminating the little things until I could tackle the big things. Then I started to do other things that helped with those bigger things.
For me I started spending more time with my family and being the best partner and step-mum I could be. Now this doesn’t have to cost the world, simply a walk in the woods, building dens and discovering weird things like grass snakes or red top mushrooms (Amanita muscaria). And before you know it you have walked your 10,000 steps, you have laughed until your face hurts and your Sunday afternoon has gone. Or even making sure you eat right. Pizza and chips gives an hour or half hour of happiness and then an evening of ‘I’m hungry’ (that’s my partner too haha). Healthy food, happy family. I know it is hard to eat right, life gets in the way all the time but making sure 2 or 3 meals (at least) a week a pure solid goodness is a way to keep the smiles on faces. More energy and less sickness has taken over my household and it is so much better for it- We are all so much better for it.

So then I moved onto the bigger things. I started with social media and used that to help me eliminate the issue and then on to physically confronting it. Ironically, this shouldn’t have even been an issue on the first place but hey-ho.
The point I am trying to make is that however you feel right this moment- there was one point in your life where someone has p*ssed you off or something has happened that has eaten away at you a little- But dealing with those things is different for everyone, it all depends how thick-skinned you are. Start with the little things- I promise you will start to notice a happier you!

Basically, Soul Healing (to a certain extent) is another term for starting to no longer giving a Sh*t! Sometimes it is hard, but you have to move on to preserve your sanity. I think the effort I have put in in the past year has made me a much better person and I can safely say that I AM A GOOD PERSON and I know what I do are in the best interest of the ones I love. Life is what you make of it. Don’t exist- LIVE!

‘Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment’ – Buddha

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