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Instagram… The art of being hideous yet wonderful.

Instagram is something most of us have a severe love-hate relationship with. We love it and hate it for so many reasons – all of us do. For the past year or so I have found a strong love for the social media app, although recently that is hanging in the balance but that is for another post. Interior design ideas, fashion tips, best places to eat… you name it, it is there.

Social Media is a wonderful thing if used correctly. And that is the thing- as long as it is used correctly. Social constructs dictate how  we must act or behave in certain situations and when social media, such as Instagram started, it was a new thing and nobody new how to start. What was your first post or photo? I bet you look back now and kind of cringe a little right? Look how far you have come. From over filtering the hell out of a photo to now only really changing the brightness or shadow.

We are heading for a time of abundance where social media is only going to spiral even more. Look at what we have… look at Instagram for instance.  A platform where we can share pretty much anything to the world and use hashtags to send it across it too. Someone it Taiwan can see you photo within seconds of you posting it – how crazy is that when you really think about it. Before Social Media we either had to send them via email or print them out via postal order.

Instagram is more than just a friendship platform, it is for business, critics, the lost, the found, celebrities, families… anything and anyone. Hell even some peoples pets have their own ages (ridiculous I know but sadly true). It can be a photo album, a story, an advertisement … literally anything you want it to be.
Personally I love it. What a fantastic way to be able to communicate… if used in the right way. For me, as a blogger, people kind of look at me as a critic, I give my honest opinion in order to help others. Some people will like it some people won’t but it is the likes of Instagram that has given me a voice and now I can shout it for the world to hear.
I started out on Instagram about 5 years ago personally and about 18 months ago for my business. I have developed my blog into something that I am proud of and it has been Instagram that has allowed me to advertise and grow organically at the rate I have.

So I guess this is more of an appreciation post for Instagram. Thank you for giving us amazing ideas and a platform to grow our own.

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