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The one and only Spacemasks! I have been waiting to try these out ever since they were in production and they have finally found themselves on my door mat destined for my tired eyes. So Spacemasks are not face masks nor are they sleep masks. They are a relaxation eye mask which will help you recover and reenergise.

From the moment I opened the packet I know I was if for a treat. The Mask contains a thing layer of encased iron filings. I know that sounds weird but when presented against oxygen molecules in the air the mask begins to heat. Don’t worry this isn’t going to burn your face off. It simply warms up to give your eyes that ‘I’m in bed and it is sleep time’ feeling. Twin this with a little infused Jasmine and this mask really does take you to a different dimension.

I will be totally honest (as always) the mask does look like a sanitary towel, with two loops. Simply hook each loop over each of your ears and allow the mask to work its magic. Lay calmly for 15 minutes and, I kid you not, your eyes feel like they had have an 8 hour sleep. The smell isn’t that potent which means you are not going to start sneezing or have irritated eyes and skin. It is just enough to make you feel super chilled.

This product is great for if your busy on the go all the time, rushing from flight to flight or even simply to nurse a hangover. Actually it works particularly well when you are nursing a hangover. The warmth from the mask radiates to your head banishing that headache too (I found). After using just one of these masks I felt like I wanted to sleep for the rest of the day. Im going to try using it next time just before bed and I think it would help make me drift off super quick.
Note the mask warms very very quickly when opened so make sure you are ready to relax straight away.

As you can guess I will be stocking up on these. They are great value for money too- a box of 5 for only £15!! That’s only £3 each! They have actually been featured in Tatler Magazine and are their no.1 product to aid sleep and relaxation. You can Buy yours here.




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