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XIP Professional

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XIP Professional

XIP Professional
XIP is a company that has been formed by Makeup artists and industry experts to create a range of beautiful products that will help all woman enhance their natural beauty. If any of you saw my post about XIP a few months ago you will know I totally fell in love with them.
The products are just so clean-cut, to the point and of such quality. It so nice to meet a company that is in it for the product rather than the profit.
So after my mascara review, I just had to try some more of their products. So I sat down and had a thought- what do I need in my life. Now we all know about my love hate relationship with my brows so what better way to try their Eye and Brow Palette (for starters) and of course- concealer. I think a concealer can say a lot about a company. If they can’t get their concealer right there is no hope for them. I thought I would pick up their Sculpting Palette and their Pearl breeze Concealer plus a Sculpting cream brush for good measure.

So… brows. I will be totally honest, upon looking at it I was apprehensive. I actually sat down and said to my ‘you can do this’ like it was some hurdle to overcome (haha). 6 shades, 3 stencils and 2 brushes. They have you covered. The palette makes doing your brows super super easy. I found the shades for your eyes blended really well and didn’t crease too easily throughout the day. I think a good eye primer will help it stay on a little longer too. The brow shades were a little dark for me but blending them out with a little cream and the brush worked wonders. The stencils helped me hugely too. The shades are not massively pigmented but for brows I do think that’s a good thing. Nobody wants slugs.

Next we have their Golden Touch Sculpting Palette (aka the Concealer palettes)which can be used to conceal, highlight and contour, It really is super easy to use. There is a video guide on how to here. I combined this with the super soft Sculpting Cream brush. (Which is absolutely amazing for the job!) I was really dubious about the cream palette. I don’t know why it is just normally something I wouldn’t go for. However, the creamy actually applied to the brush really well, you didn’t have to gouge at the creams for them to come off onto the brush. I think I can only use around 3 shades from the palette as being super pale any dark comes our really dark. The creams seem to be quite long wearing. They are not massively pigmented but they are enough for contouring and highlighting.

The Pearl Breeze Concealer is a liquid concealer. It is in click tube that when clicked increases the amount of concealer in the brush. You do not need much at all. The liquid is quite highly pigmented and covers surprisingly well. It is available in two shades. One has yellow undertones and one has pink undertones. The concealer has been created with a real unique formula enriched with Marula Oil. ‘Marula Oil is an all-natural, cold pressed, highly nutritious, very light textured oil. It is naturally soothing, fast-absorbing and suitable for all skin types.’ However the oil doesn’t make it feel greasy. It dries in a matte finish and sits on the skin so well under foundation. I may have just fallen in love a little! I don’t say this often but I have only ever found one truly amazing concealer and I think XIP are 100% on par with it! It’s a tough call to choose but by god it is good. I would definitely use this concealer over the palette for concealer, but like I said the palette is amazing for highlight and contouring but that may just be that I am comparing it to the Pearl which is a lot more pigmented, I guess it is just preference here.

XIP, I feel, haven’t had enough coverage in the media, their products are amazing! Why haven’t you tried them yet?! Quality, reasonably priced and they actually work. They are really good products! Like really good. I don’t think there is barely anything I would change about XIP products, maybe a lighter shaded brow palette but that’s it!

If you would like any of these wonderful products, head over to their page where you can purchase them all. XIP-professional.com

Have you tried XIP products?


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