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50 Before 30 Bucket List

50 before 30 bucket list abloggersbeauty

So this is me. Nearly 26 years old and I think I am having a quarter century mini midlife crisis.
I have wanted to do this kind of post for a while and I didn’t know if it was really something that would fit my blog. However, recently I have been taking a bit of a step back from my blog to analyse and appreciate it. I have been thinking about doing more lifestyle posts and more about me ( of which you probably have seen over the past few weeks).

I thought I would write this list because If something is on a list you’re more inclined to actually do it. Life is certainly passing me by right now- it’s going so so quick and I feel there is so much more I could be doing! There is 4 years and 2 months until my 30th birthday, so ironically that is 50 months! 1 a month every month.

So here are my 50 before 30;

1 Visit Santorini
2 Get round to re-carpeting and decorating the house- ✔️ 20/6/17

50 before 30 bucket list abloggersbeauty
3 Start Thai Chi Classes
4 Soak in Baths Thermal Waters
5 Visit more Rooftop London Restaurants
6 Go to Happisburgh
7 Visit the lake district
8 Re-climb snowdon
9 Try Paddle Boarding
10 Explore the deserted village of Tyneham, Dorset
11 Go to Iceland and see the Northern Lights
12 Grow some of my own food – ✔️
2019 summer This one makes me particularly happy as I now have my own vegetable patch. It is not yet sustainable to eat from it permanently but it gives us potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, parsnips and beans. It is a start though right?

13 Go scuba diving again
14 Tour Italy-✔️ 20-30/9/17 Rome | Pisa | Florence

50 before 30 bucket list abloggersbeauty
15 Finally do a sky dive- ✔️ 02/07/17 at Headcorn areodrome- Headcorn

50 before 30 bucket list abloggersbeauty

16 Take a pottery class- ✔️ 11/6/17 at Carol Foster Ceramics- Whitstable

50 before 30 bucket list abloggersbeauty
17 Learn Origami- ✔️ 1/11/19
Im not going to say I have learned it but this little box took me over two hours and I have now decided I do not have the patience to learn it.
50 before 30 bucket list abloggersbeauty

18 Actually have savings
19 Hot air Balloon ride
20 Volunteer somewhere for a few months
21 Be the healthiest I have been
In November 2019 I was told that I was very nearly Pre-diabetic. This gave me the kick up the arse I needed for a better future. So I gave myself the boot up the arse I needed in 2020
22 Total 50 book reviews on the ABBBC
23 Have a family photoshoot/ take more pictures of my family ✔️ 2019
When Evelyn was born we really stepped up a notch to be honest.
50 before 30 bucket list abloggersbeauty
24 Learn wine appreciation
25 Have Children- ✔️Due 19/2/18 Evelyn Naomi Ritson

50 before 30 bucket list abloggersbeauty
50 before 30 bucket list abloggersbeauty
26 Take the time to act like a child
27 Go up the Eiffel Tower
28 Be my sisters Maid of Honour- ✔️ 20/7/2019
50 before 30 bucket list abloggersbeauty
29 Get in Shape
30 Hit 100k in followers on Instagram
31 Make my family tree (note I need a very large wall)
32 Become a morning person- it is the best time of day to get things done
33 See the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace
34 Try an entire weird and wacky dish you would never usually order
35 Write at least a quarter of our book
36 Spend more time with my family
37 Crush my Public Speaking fear and actually do it more
38 Master the art of power tools
39 Significantly reduce our mortgage term
40 Get dressed up more often
41 Bathe in Milk – ✔️ 4/11/17

50 before 30 bucket list abloggersbeauty
42 Go on a activity weekend
43 Take a cookery course
44 Invest in more property
45 Attend a murder mystery dinner party- ✔️ 3/11/17

46 Do a colour Run
47 Go Zip-lining in Wales
48 Be a tourist in my own town and go and check out the local history
49 Visit the Cotswolds
50 Follow your dreams, no matter how far-reaching they seem.

I will try and edit this post as and when I do them with photos and comments for you all!

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