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My heart and other Black HolesMy Heart and other Black Holes

Welcome back to the ABB Book Club. This months book of choice was  My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga. When I chose this book for the club I didn’t really know much about it so I didn’t really know what to expect. This book is actually being turned into a film which should be quite interesting

Firstly I want to start with the title ‘My heart and other black holes’. I don’t feel the title has much of a resemblance to the story and I felt there could have been a much better title. The title is a line from the story but it is said in a passing comment kind of way which I feel doesn’t give much back to the book. Maybe the no clue’s approach is a good one but for me I prefer to have a little clue from the title.

The story centers on a pair of suicidal teenagers, Aysel Seran and Roman Franklin, who meet through an online site matching up suicide partners. These sites actually exist (no lie!) ! The story is a count down to the day they decide they are going to commit suicide together. As the book unravels the pair slowly fall more and more in love.
The books end with Roman not wanting Aysel to hurt herself and he tries to commit suicide on his own but Aysel saves him.

I think Aysel is a really relatable character for anyone that had a tough time in school or as being a teenager. She is confused and her self worth is pretty much next to none- no one should ever feel like that.
I really enjoyed reading this book partly due to it being easy to read but also partly because my teenage years werent the easiest and if I had to go back I probably wouldn’t want to do it all over again. Aysel and Roman fall in love despite looks, despite history, despite school ‘hierarchy’ . They fall in love because they have a common interest and enjoy each others company- That right there is the best kind of love!

I want to know what happens next… What do you think would happen? happily ever after… the jump? What?

June’s book to purchase and read before the end of June is going to be Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider . You can buy it here.

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