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Eco Tools | The Bath and Spa Collection

Oh EcoTools how I love thee. You will know from my last post how glorious their brushes are and how much I love them. Eco Tools, as a company, are a breath of fresh air

Cruelty free, tree free paper and 100% Vegan. I think Vegan items are becoming more and more prominent in the industry. People are beginning to slowly realise the effect killing animals (whether to eat or use for medicine or cosmetics) is having. Animal Agriculture is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions more than the combined exhaust from ALL transportation! I’m being dead serious. Things are getting out of hand. It has recently got me really thinking about the food I am putting in my mouth and the products I put on my skin. So in light of this I thought I would try out their Bath and Spa range because I really do love a good pamper and I thought- Could these products actually stand against those that everyone loves so much that are harmful to animals and are destroying our world. Lets see.

Eco tools Bath & Spa

So this is their Konjac Facial Sponges, they are a real fave of mine. They are naturally cleansing and refreshing for your face. It is a hard like sponge that softens when wet. Totally eco too- made from vegetable fiber, plus 100% Vegan. Konjac sponges are the Japanese secret to flawless skin. The sponge acts as a gentle exfoliator, rubbing off dead skin cells in the most delicate manner. The extra soft texture means that its ok for anyone to use,  babies included! At just £5.09 it is a real bargain. Remember though don’t leave it one the side to dry, make sure it is hung! I love the texture of this sponge, I have only ever tried one other Konjac sponge but this is definitely up there at the top.

Eco tools Bath & Spa

I then thought I would give the new Cleansing Mitt a go. It is a real in between or coarse and soft material that when wet molds to the shape of your hand. The slight abrasive material gives a really good clean of your face without being too harsh. This lovely mitt is only £2.54! Like seriously for that price I would quite happily buy a truck load. They are really handy for a quick wipe over or a full on skin care routine. I think they are quite durable too. I think it is very unlucky they would rip or break and the quality suggests it will last a while.

Eco tools Bath & Spa

Muslin Polishing Cloths. Now when I see the word Muslin I instantly think of a baby. These wonderful cloths are designed with organic cotton to remove dirt, oil and makeup for fresh and revived skin. You simply use your normal cleanser and use this cloth wrung out from warm water to make it slightly damp and wipe the cleanser off. The pureness of the muslin helps cling to all the dirt and really take it out of your pores. I think with these its a much softer approach to the cleansing mitt and I wasn’t a huge fan. I think a flannel can do exactly the same job, however, I will perserve and update this if my feelings change. They are however only £5.09 for two.

Eco tools Bath & Spa

Eco tools Bath & SpaFacial Mask Mates. Now when I received these I was like WTF, but actually it makes so much sense and is actually genius. Whenever I put on face masks I loose half of over my hands, half has dribbled down my arms and the rest is either in the sink, on my neck or in my hair. So what better way than to apply it with … well a makeup brush! It is mess-less. And then taking it off well that is another kettle of fish. That really does go everywhere. So it would be so much easier to use a small sponge (no soap required) right? Eco Tools have provided just that. Just rinse and air dry afterwards. These sponges are also great to use with your cleanser during your everyday routine to remove dirt, oil and makeup.

Eco tools Bath & Spa

Eco Tools offer a super soft organic cotton Relaxing Sleep Mask. I love these for one main reason. FLYING! I love flying but I can never sleep on flights. I once flew to Australia and there was not one minutes kip in the whole 26.5 hours! I find that with a soft sleep mask I can at least get an hour or so. The thickness shuts out all light and makes it really easy to drift off. I will definitely be taking this with to Italy this year. At just £4.24 you are getting a easy cheap sleep mask.

Eco Tools’ Bath and Spa range gets a ten out of ten from me. It delivers exactly what is required and the quality of products really does stand out.




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      30/05/2017 / 8:30 am

      They are so worth it aren’t then Finja x

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