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Caudalie | Limited Edition Organic Grape Water

Caudalie Grape Water

My love of Caudalie goes way back. Way way back! So lets start there, from the beginning, say hello to 2006, I was taking my GCSE’s and Caudalie had just removed parabens from all their products. After all that exam writing moisturiser was my best friend and they just got it so right.
Then came the Thirst Quenching Sorbet in 2010 closely followed by the Foam Cleanser.

And so the Love Story began.

Fast forward to 2017 and, apart from feeling extremely old, Caudalie have sent me a little bottle of pure gold. Ok well obviously not pure gold… but it may as well be. Say hello to the Grape Water-Limited Edition Unique Plant Water. (insert lots and lots of heart emoji!!!)
So this is not just any water. This beautiful can of wonder, moisturises, soothes and refreshes. It is great for super hot days too. Put in the fridge and spray over the face and it instantly cools the skin.

I am hearing, so it’s water… what is actually so great about it?
Right, Where do I start? I have real combi skin. This is a great way of moisturising without rubbing it in to your skin, simply spray and go. This actually means no super clogged pores and less breakouts. It increase hydration by 127% and reduces skin sensitivity by 61%. It is 100% organic and also it acts as an anti-inflammatory—soothing rosacea, reducing redness and sensitivity, and calming rashes. The uses don’t stop there though, it is great as a setting spray for makeup, as a toner, or even just to refresh, like seriously there is no end to thew wonders of this amazing product.

Now since it is so Organic and it contains no nasties the smell is so refreshing and natural. You don’t spray it and think mmmm acidic (haha) like so many of them do. This little spray is now on my everyday skincare routine. It is simply perfect!

You can shop the wonderful 75ml bottle here.



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