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Glossybox | June 2017

June is here and for me the British Summer has officially started. How nice has the weather been right? Glastonbury is soon to be upon which means in true tradition the rain will begin and we will lose this glorious weather. However, although those festivals and picnic days are right around the corner and this month Glossybox have totally tailored this box to getting you ready for it!

glossybox June 2017 park life review

If you are new to Glossybox then here is a little info. As you have probably gathered Glossybox is a beauty subscription service. Each month, it delivers a wide and varied selection of 5 beauty treats that include niche, high-end and emerging brands. I love this because you can get some good old faithful products yet try some things you would never normally buy. The latest trends are taken into account with every single box to bring you reusable and stylish boxes full of beauty essentials.
There are 4 different ways to subscribe to Glossybox starting from as low as £9.50! Choose between a monthly rollover box (cancel any time), a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month pre-paid subscription.

The biggest product in the box was Batiste Heat & Shine Spray. A generous full size aerosol that offers hair that chance to shine even on a dull day. I love Batiste products. Literally Love! My life without dry shampoo would be very messy. Working full-time, blogging, keeping a semi-large house clean and tidy, attending activities and looking after my ever-growing family means life can be pretty hectic. No, sometimes my house only gets vacuumed once in a week and yes sometimes there are lots of shoes piled up around the door but that’s life. I think Batiste really help me out on days where you only have time for those ‘Straight in, Straight out’ showers and your hair is looking a little limp and needs either volume or de-greasing or that little bit of life. Batiste has always been there for me and I have never had a bad word to say about their products. The Heat & Shine spray is just another example of how easy it is to perk your hair up a little.

glossybox June 2017 park life reviewglossybox June 2017 park life review

So I am actually currently sitting in the lounge with this Black Diamond Activated black peel face mask from Beauty Pro. I am always a little dubious about peel masks. You always see those videos where people are in so much pain trying to peel them off. Beauty Pro masks are super easy to use. I used my Mask Applicator brush from Eco Tools to apply the mask. It is quite a sticky strongly consistency. Simply apply to dry clean skin and wait 15 minutes for the mask to set. Now I am not going lie it’s not the most comfortable thing to peel off, you definitely ‘feel’ it but it’s not painful. My skin is super soft but not sure if it is any clearer. I think maybe after two or three applications you may see some difference. At only £4.95 for 3 I would definitely give them another go.

glossybox June 2017 park life review

Oh Manna, since the day you launched I have sat there in awe of the shades you offer and the product quality, so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw this ray of sunshine in the box. This is the Manna Glo Illuminator. It is the perfect illuminator. It stays on all day long and really doesn’t fade. The liquid is reasonably pigmented meaning you don’t actually need to use too much of it either!!

glossybox June 2017 park life review

Africa Argan Oil Hand Cream from Eness is something I have never heard of before. I love it when I find out about a brand that I literally didn’t know existed. It’s so exciting. Firstly can we take a moment to admire the packaging (!) If you go to their website you can see the collection together and it just looks so bright and beautiful. So Eness are an ethical beauty brand which makes me more than willing to try their products. So this hand cream contains lots of Vitamin E which makes your hands super nourished. The product smells amazing and leaves your hands so so soft. Basically, this hand cream is like the hand cream to end all hand creams- go and buy a truck load!

glossybox June 2017 park life review

I have been hearing a lot of things about Sleek makeup since its launch a while back and I have been pleasantly surprised. I thought they were going to be another cheap brand with little get up and go but oh I was wrong. This is the Sleek Power Plump Lip Crayon. This is different to any lip liner I have ever used. This highly pigmented beaut of a pencil offers a lip tingling sensation that encourages blood to the surface of the lips making them look plumper. I am totally blown away by this product- can I have one in every shade please???
glossybox June 2017 park life review

I thought I would give the 111Skin Space Defence Eye Life Gel after my mask. My skin was super clean and ready for a little soothing. Before I used this (as I used it after a mask) I splashed my face with cool water as not to clog my pores over night by filling with the gel. This is my new best friend. This minimises the appearance of dark circles (!) and softens the appearance of fine lines. I really do wish i could bathe in this gel it is amazing!!

I felt the Park Life themed box was an absolute winner this month. It has been curated superbly and they really have thought of everything. I can imagine the monthly meeting right now- sitting down dreaming of festival life and the occasional comment of ‘oh we need an eye lift gel for the morning after’ and ‘don’t forget a mask- they must have a mask to go with the eye gel’ (ha ha).
This box was absolutely perfect there wasn’t one thing I didn’t like or could fault them on. I loved the extra addition of the book extract from Louise Pentland too, it just added that extra dimension. I feel like I loved everything so much already that I am going to need another box exactly the same for when I actually get to a festival later on in the month!!

Receive a free beauty bundle when you subscribe to the June Glossybox by simply using the code Bundle1 or Bundle2 on checkout.

glossybox June 2017 park life review







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