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Fairy Candles

Candles, I think, can be a very personal thing. For me, I like warm wintery smells- the vanillas and the macadamias with a little cinnamon. It disappoints me when people only buy candles of certain brands. There are so many scents out there you couldn’t even imagine. Discovering a candle that smells like nothing you could ever dream of is a winner for me. For example, what about Lavender with a caramel hint? No I have never come across that yet- but can you even imagine it?? That’s my point, you can’t until you smell it.

I am also not a fan of a tea light or a pillar candle. I am not a plain sort of girl, I am a ‘add a bit of spice’ kind of girl. So when are saw these particular candles you can imagine the hearts in my eyes.

Fairy Candles
These candles are from a lovely seller on Etsy called Fairy Candles Shop. They have so many beautiful candles to choose from they are literally stunning. You can choose between 8 different flavours; Lemon, Vanilla, Rose, Strawberry, Ocean, Ylang-Ylang, Pine or Love scent.

They are made from paraffin wax as opposed to natural wax. Paraffin wax burns for up to 60 hours and natural wax only 5 or 6 hours ! Yes seriously! They are beautifully 100% handmade and each candle comes beautifully packaged ready to be gifted or even a little treat for yourself. I think Etsy is a wonderful places to get this sort of thing, they truly are stunning.

Fairy CandlesFairy Candles

Candles can cost a variety of money and depending on the wax used at the end of the day they are just a candle. They will burn around a similar time and in a similar way. Other than designs candles are just candles. So when people pay £30-£50 for a candle it baffles me. These stunners are around £7.30 each plus P&P. What an absolute bargain. Also because they are purchased on Etsy you are helping out and supporting a smaller company not a chain.

Thank you for sending me these beautiful candles they are just perfect.



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