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Welcome back to the ABB Book Club. This months book of choice was Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider. I didn’t really know what to expect from this book as it was a reader request this month, however, I was pleasantly surprised at how readable the book was.

This book was all about Lane who goes to Latham House, a sanatorium for teens suffering from an incurable strain of tuberculosis. Lane meets Sadie, who he evidently already has met before, they fall in love but Sadie is secretly deteriorating. I don’t want to dive too much into the story itself as I know loads of you have not read it yet.

This book snuck up on me and smacked me right in the face, right up to just before the end I did not expect the ending. With a cure in sight I had hopes of a potential sequel where they all kind of lived their tuberculosis free life.  The idea of a total-drug-resistant TB in modern day society was different and well portrayed yet kind of a scary prospect.
The only thing I wish this book had included more is the stories behind some of the other characters. I found the author to just touch on them rather than actually knowing them.

This book is 100% for the John Greens lovers. This book is very much based around The Fault in our Stars. I found that I really couldn’t put this book down and already want to re-read it just in case it changes in the ending. Schneiders other book The Beginning of Everything may end up in our book club at some stage.

How did you like Extraordinary Means?

July’s book to purchase and read before the end of June is going to be Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow. You can buy it here.


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