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Dollibox | June 2017

June has come around so quickly and my life has been turned upside down this month. My brain is all over the place and all I need is a little TLC! Dollibox has arrived in my hands and it is exactly what I needed. Do you ever have those months when you open a subscription box and you just say ‘YES’ and you’ll use everything and you know the products are going to be amazing. Well this happened for me this month with Dollibox. They just seem to be in my head recently and know exactly what I need and want. So without further ado I present to you Junes Box….

Dollibox June 2017 a bloggers beauty

Dollibox is a monthly subscription box for £10 plus £3.90 p&p. You can either get a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription or one-off boxes. The content of the boxes are a surprise. Dollibox uses your beauty profile to send you products most suited to you so it is important to complete the beauty profile quiz.

  • A monthly subscription costs £10 per month (plus P&P). This is a rolling subscription, but you can cancel anytime.
  • A 6 month subscription consists of a one-off payment of £54 (plus P&P), which is £9 per box.
  • A 12 month subscription consists of a one-off payment of £102 (plus P&P), which is £8.50 per box

Every month you will receive 5/6 items with 2/3 being full size which is great value for money.

Dollibox June 2017 a bloggers beauty

I always need a bit of palmers in my life. Dollibox have already shown us 2 other palmers products in previous boxes but I am totally ok with this. This SPF sunscreen has been a real requirement this month with all the gorgeous heat we have been having. So whilst protecting you from the harmful sun rays, you smell simply amazing, you keep skin moisturised and you keep those wrinkles at bay. Plus it is ‘very water resistant’ and not greasy at all. This full size product alone is £9.99!!!

Dollibox June 2017 a bloggers beauty

Can we just sit for a minute and admire this brush please. Literally look at it. Not only is is a mermaid tail brush but it is iridescent too and completely irresistible. I need the whole set… like who wouldn’t- look at them. The bristles are super soft too. This particular shaped brush is fab for blending and feels so lovely against your hand with all the ridges. Love love love love love! Contact Dollibox before the end of June to get 20% off the collection.

Dollibox June 2017 a bloggers beauty

Again this is another brand we saw last month but again that’s ok. The Seacret wipes I received last month we such good quality I was intrigued to see if this would live up to its fellow products name. This hand cream is enriched with dead sea minerals which help nurture skin and enhance its healthy look. There are tonnes of different vitamins and minerals included meaning goodness all round. This is why I love using these kind of creams, you know all it is is goodness for your hands.

Dollibox June 2017 a bloggers beauty

If you type in the word wax into my search bar only good things will come up. I love wax melts. This one form the Wax Melt Bakery is just so mmmmm. Completely vegan and cruelty free this hand poured wax is just to die for. Glitter and smelling like the perfect bath time relaxation gives a big thumbs up from me. Their shop is available on etsy to browse through with many different scents for only £1.30!!!

Unfortunately this Lip Balm leaked everywhere so I only had the finest bit to sample but my box when I opened it smelt a little like heaven! This is a classic coconut scented lip balm that is 100% natural and cruelty free and leaves you lips soft soft soft!! Can I bathe in this please?

Dollibox June 2017 a bloggers beautyDollibox June 2017 a bloggers beauty

And lastly but by no means least.. Popfeel’s High definition concealer. This is available in 11 different shades. I was a little disappointed in this product only because the shade wasn’t entirely for me. It was a little too dark for my pale ale skin. However, the shades available offer a huge variety of coverage and I am looking forward to seeing more from Popfeel.

As a whole I really loved the box. Just when you think Dollibox can’t get any better they trumps it every time. Last months as you read was ok but could have been so much better and I am so glad they listened to us and got back on the bandwagon and sorted it out. This box is the perfect summer sun box. They literally have you covered this month!

Subscribe today at www.dollibox.co.uk .




    • ABloggersBeauty
      03/07/2017 / 9:20 am

      It is just divine. I want the whole set!!!

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