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Love your Pits!

In life there are certain things we do or say without really thinking. Some people will eat meat without realising Cows are the main cause of greenhouse gases and some people will use aerosol deodorants without realising they cause cancer. We, as people, need to realise what we are putting into our bodies or onto our skin before it too late.

Lotus Therapies Whitstable have introduced me to their Love Your Pits Handmade Deodorant.

Lotus Therapies WhitstableLotus Therapies WhitstableLotus Therapies Whitstable

I thought I would do a mini diary like timeline review as it will enable you guys to see how I progressed with the product. Because the product draws toxins out of the body it, at first, has to work quite hard, so the first few days takes perseverance.

Day 1
I applied this balm like deodorant at around 7:30 this morning. I have an office job so my work isn’t too sweaty and today was not a work out day. By maybe 3pm I did question myself as to if I had even remembered to put it on this morning but I had. Today I think I did smell a bit BO like for a little bit if I am honest, there are a lot of toxins to draw out from years of damaging deodorants.

One thing to note straight away is this is a deodorant not an anti perspirant! The difference? Deodorant is used to mask Body Odour where as an Anti-perspirant is considered a “drug” because it actually temporarily changes the function of the skin, suppressing the flow of sweat!

Day 3
Day 3 is work out day. I am going to be honest, I did pack my normal anti-persperant just in case things got bad. However, halfway through my hour HIIT session things did get bad but I persevered and thought, meh everyone’s sweaty and smelling right now.

Day 5
I am beginning to notice that this stuff actually works. It has a subtle scent, you don’t need to use much and you can always re-apply throughout the day. I am genuinely shocked. How is this magic working?

Day 10
I wanted to wait another week or so before re-evaluating. The product does work and I will continue to use it. Workout days I will take with me to re-apply where needed but I am ok with this. As a whole this product lets your pits breathe and not smell too horrific either.

The health benefits of this product are amazing. You are applying deodorant… anti-perspirant or whatever you use direct into your axillary lymph nodes! How is spraying chemical into that gland healthy?? There are many controversial studies that suggest the aluminium in these cans cause cancer when applied how we use them, but, you can do the research on that one and form your own opinions.
Nothing chemical is healthy for the body and that is why I have made the change to Handmade Natural deodorant!

This product has actually been given the Bronze Award in the Green parent Natural Beauty Awards 2017!! How incredible is that!

Head over to their gorgeous website to see all of their natural products and get a cheeky 10% off using my code BLOGGBEAUTY!



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