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Fentimans House of Broughton Syrups

Fentimans House of Broughton a bloggers beautyFentimans House of Broughton a bloggers beauty

Cocktail nights are one of my favourite things to do. Exotic drinks, fancy dresses, chilling out… it is always such a good atmosphere. So, you can imagine the look on my face when Fentimans emailed asking to send another package. Hello! of course!
Fentimans have a new range of tasty syrups out to add to your drinks titled House of Broughton Finest Syrup and fine it is. There are a range of syrups to try including the two flavours I tried- Raspberry and Cucumber.
Did you see my last Cocktail night courtesy of Fentimans? It was pure bliss and I didn’t want it to end.
Fentimans was and still is a family run company. I believe today it is run by the great grandson of Mr Fentiman himself. The company continue to create drinks by the multi-stage botanical brewing technique. The processes have been updated since starting and the beverages are now carbonated before being filled and pasteurised to extend the product shelf life. Fentimans explain ‘The one thing that has not changed is the superior quality and unsurpassed taste of our drinks.’ And I don’t think I could agree more. Out of all the Fentiman drinks I have to say Rose Lemonade just gets me every time. I could drink it by the bucket load. If you haven’t tried it then firstly… why the hell not! and secondly go and buy it, there will be no turning back when it hits your lips.

Fentimans House of Broughton a bloggers beautyFentimans House of Broughton a bloggers beautyFentimans House of Broughton a bloggers beauty

There were so many different concoctions we tried. My favourite were Ginger Beer, Cucumber Syrup with a splash of Gin and the other was Soda Water, Raspberry Syrup and a dash of Prosecco. They sound disgusting but they worked so well. I feel like I should be looking down a Mixologist route.
The syrups can be used in pretty much any drink. They so work better with Fentimans branded drinks as they were designed around them, however, Raspberry Syrup in a dash of lemonade also works well or even a splash to a Virgin Sex on the Beach works wonders. Or even simply Vodka lemonade with a dash of either syrups.

What I love most about these is their versatility. You can use as much or as little as you want with any mixer you want, yet depending how much you use, the drink can turn into something quite wonderful.
We had so much fun creating all these weird and wonderful drinks and I am so excited to have another very soon. Cocktail or Mocktails – the syrups work beautifully.

All the Syrups are natural and come in 500ml bottles. I would say that you can get 25 servings out of a bottle and the recommended  serving is 20ml. All the above drinks were made with around half a shots worth of syrup, however, the more syrup used the stronger the taste. You can see all the flavours on the Fentimans website.

Remember my lovelies please drink responsibly!



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