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Welcome back to the ABB Book Club. This months book of choice was Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow. This month was another reader request. I felt at first that maybe we would need longer than a month for this one but I think it turned out actually not too bad.

Girl in Pieces is about Charlotte Davies, a teenage girl who has already been through a lot at so younger and uses cutting as a way of escape. She enters a facility at the beginning of the book when she heals her wonders but unfortunately she cannot stay there and moves to live with her friend Mikey. Long story short Mikey marries another girl, Charlie meets Riley and they begin hooking up. He was his own problems which come to a head in the end and lands him in prison. Charlie is eventually offered a job in New York as an artists assistant and begins to rebuild her life.

I found this book to be deeply haunting and very, almost, personal. This book made me feel like I had snuck into someones diary and I was reading their innermost thoughts. It did make me slightly uncomfortable because of that but I guess that only shows that Glasgow is a great writer.
I felt like Charlotte was portrayed as almost a relatable character and made the reader feel like they were really involved with the book.

I loved the way the Glasgow kept Blue in the picture as a bit of support not just for Charlie but to the reader too. I think this is a book I will re-read as I am sure I skimmed over a few bits as I couldn’t put it down.

One question I did want the other readers to answer was- How did you find Blue as a character and how did she make you feel?

August’s book to purchase and read before the end of the month is going to be The Life Changing Magic of not Giving a F**k by Sarah Knight. You can buy yours here.


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