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And then there were four

baby announcement baby announcement

I think this is one of the best posts I have ever written. Today’s lovely post comes to you in the form of Baby Ritson due early 2018. Phil, Tommy and I are so very happy and excited to have a beautiful baby on the way.

You might be wondering how the bump seemingly appeared overnight. For a short time, hiding it in photos was relatively easy, baggy clothing, leaning forward slightly or to the side at the right angles. But over the past six weeks or so, I’ve definitely been showing and it’s become nearly impossible to conceal! I think it gets to a point in every pregnancy where people stop querying if you are slightly podgey, I think this happened for me about week 7. I was showing so early.

Weirdly I have really been debating about writing this post. I didn’t know whether I should bring more of my personal life to my page or if I was going to start to steer my blog in that direction.  I’ll be sharing more in the coming days but here are some details;

  • Due Date: 19th February 2018
  • Gender: Yes we will be finding out. I thought I would start to sway to either a girl or a boy but I really don’t mind either way.
  • How we told our parents: Phil and my birthdays are only 3 days apart and every year we kind of have a joint birthday gathering with all the family and I had my aunt over from Australia. With a Magnum bottle of Bollinger saved for a special event we bought it to the party and shared our news with our nearest and dearest at the same time. It was a wonderful magical moment and one I think I will cherish for the rest of my life. Everyone was so so happy for us and super excited.
  • How we told Tommy: Tommy is now 6 and already has 2 sisters, however, this is my first child. Seeing Tommy’s eyes light up when we sat him down and explained before the party made me cry. He is the kindest and most caring boy and he is really excited. Every weekend I get a welcome hello with a cuddle and bump gets a kiss and he asks me what size it is this week. He cannot wait to be a big brother.
  • Names: We want to choose a few names to have and we will decide which when the baby arrives. I think we are very close to agreeing on about 3 or 4 of each gender right now but this will totally remain a secret until their arrival

If you look back on some of my recent blog posts I think you can tell. I recently did a photoshoot for Instagram with a gorgeous dress, thank goodness it was baggy but I think there is still a hint.
We’ve known for around ten weeks already and it has been so hard to keep it a secret. Some of the brands I have been working with had to be made aware very early on but they were so lovely and understanding and 100% sworn to secrecy.

Our hearts are full, and we’re so excited to have you along with us on this journey.

baby announcement baby announcement baby announcement


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