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Why Balance Me Products are rocking my socks right now

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This is one review I have wanted to do for a while now but having to wait to announce my pregnancy kind of put it behind a little. Balance Me are slightly different to most companies. They provide customers with a natural skincare alternative, to achieve visible results through botanically active formulations that are manufactured in the UK. Their products are 99% natural and is free from parabens, dea, mineral oils, sulphates, pegs, petroleum, silicones, propylene glycol, microbeads, artificial fragrances and colours and a double bonus… they never test on animals. So far the company is looking magnificent right? Well it only gets better.

Balance Me wrote me an email at the beginning of last month and after congratulating me on my pregnancy proceeded to send me this bunch of goodies. All items can be used throughout, but is not limited to, a pregnancy. All products are totally safe. The lovely ladies over there really really thought about what to send me a came up with these products that are just so perfect for my life right now. I have tried lots of the range before (reviews here) but it was so wonderful to not have tried any of these specific products.

I want to start with the Super Moisturising Body Wash. I have quite oily skin so I have only been using this on my belly. It smells of a mix of Lavender and Shea butter and is so hydrating you wouldn’t believe it. Due to its natural properties and the way it is has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, it is totally suitable for those prone to eczema or psoriasis. I love using this on bump because it nourishes that tight feeling and makes the skin soft and smooth. I am convinced by using this I will reduce the risk or quantity of stretch marks, maybe that’s naive i’m not sure, however, keeping the skin hydrated is key. Absolutely one million percent in love with this body wash.
Now the Super Moisturising Body Oil kind of goes hand in hand. I wanted to take the extract from their website for this one to show because sometimes people don’t just take your word for it. ‘Jojoba Oil is bursting with essential fatty acids and vitamins to keep the skin elastic and supple. Rosehip oil works to rejuvenate lack-luster skin and helps fade stretch marks and scars, whilst Neroil oil deeply hydrates and plumps parched skin.’ They couldn’t have worded it better, this is a massive yes for pregnancy or dry skin. The oil being 100% natural and NUT FREE means you can have that super hydrated skin all day long. After a bath or shower I lather this on my belly giving a truly happy bump. Combining the wash and Oil together do not clog the skin (so don’t worry) they simply hydrate and keep it super happy. This is really really not just for pregnancy, anyone with dry skin can use it.

Wonder eye cream is a product that is called the hero product, the one that works like no other, the one that will save you. That is exactly what this product does. Getting up two or three times a night to use the bathroom means interrupted REM sleep and a very tired grumpy mummy. This wonderful cream reduces dark shadow, reduces puffiness, reduced the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and hydrates the eye area to protect you from premature ageing. Have I sold you on it yet??? This product has been a Godsend under my eyes. The bags have been so dark so between this and a concealer I can cheat myself to a un-sleep deprived look. This product I recommend for absolutely anyone.

This is one product that has absolutely saved me these last few weeks. Congested Skin Serum has been brilliant at keeping my skin clear. Within jsut a few weeks of find out I was expecting my skin broke out completely. When this product arrived I did put it on the back burner as I thought there is no way anything can help THIS. Turns out I was so wrong. ‘Spruce Knot purifies the skin, and helps to balance oil production, whilst Kanuka Oil works as a powerful anti-microbial and anti-bacterial ingredient to clear congestion. Eucalyptus calms redness and inflammation without causing dryness or irritation.’ This makes the product amazing for those that suffer with adult acne, teenage spots, hormonal break outs or even just to keep the skin clear. It can be used all over or as a spot on treatment and seriously I want the largest tub of it. It is the only spot cream I have found that works without a prescription.

Lastly the Pure Skin Facewash works amazingly alongside the serum. This is great for acne prone skin. i like to use this of an evening and then use the serum after. I feel using it twice a day can dry out your face too much. This one also has anti-inflammatory properties making for a fantastic skin care regime.

Of course the verdict is a glowing report (see what I did there). These products have taken over my life and rightfully so, they are amazing especially for pregnancy. It makes me feel so much better knowing they are nearly 100% natural and not harmful to baby at all.

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