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First Trimester | What they don’t tell you

abloggersbeauty pregnancyIncorporating my personal life into my blog, I have decide, is so right (for me). Adding opinion and stories stops it turning into an advertising forum. I think some posts I do are super important and I know will help other people going forward. Whether it be to steer clear of a certain product or a product that will change your life or even (almost) a for-warning of whats to come – like this post.
Things I wasn’t told throughout my first trimester is something I knew I wanted to blog about the minute the first thing happened. I thought, ‘Why did nobody tell me!’ The first trimester of pregnancy is week 1 through week 12, or about 3 months. The second trimester is week 13 to week 27. And the third trimester of pregnancy spans from week 28 to the birth. So here it is, something I hope will help all those first time mum’s.

– Bloating is a very very real thing in your first few months. It is not your baby showing super early it is gas. As horrid as that sounds I was only 4 weeks pregnant when I started to expand. At 4 weeks your baby is the size of a poppy-seed, so really you are not going to be any bigger at all. So with gas we all know what comes next… yep the burping and well, you guessed the rest. It is going to happen! Everything is moving up inside you to make room for the baby, this includes your bowels and kidneys etc. This means everything takes longer to go through and things can build up. If this causes issues seek medical advice.

– You don’t always have sickness in your first trimester. I feel like one of the most luckiest people on the earth. I felt slight nausea from around 3 weeks up until around 9 weeks but that is it. I haven’t once been sick and for that I am so grateful. However, I worried from my first scan at 6 weeks to my second scan at 12- Why wasn’t I being sick? Is my baby ok? What is wrong? Don’t always assume the worst if your symptoms subside or even if you do not have any symptoms. Everyone’s body handles it differently. At 6 weeks we saw a fetal pole with a flicker of a heart beat and at 12 we had the most beautiful wriggler I have ever seen with an even stronger heart beat. One healthy baby not one sick day!

– The day before I had my first scan something felt odd. It was 5:30pm and as I sat in the bathroom I just knew. Every woman’s worst night mare. I was bleeding. At 5:30 I called my midwife around 15 times – no answer. I called the Early Pregnancy/baby unit at the hospital as advised in my pregnancy purple book. 15 calls to them, no answer. The horror set in. Phil said to me did I want to go to the hospital but with a scan in less than 24 hours what were they going to say to me; Wait? It’s one of those things? It’s probably nothing? We decided to wait until the scan the next day and monitor it overnight.
Upon arrival at the scan I explained what had happened and she advised there was no more I could have done. I laid done feeling nervous, sad, anxious… you name it I was feeling it. But there it was, the flicker of a heart. The sonographer was so lovely and advised at around the 6 or 7 week mark some mothers can experience implantation bleeding. This is from the site in the uterus where the developing fetus has chosen to implant. This happens to a hell of a lot of women, yet, nobody tells you.
I think when we find out we are pregnant and see a doctor to confirm they should prep you for things that could happen. Bleeding at this early stage isn’t always good news though. I think if you bleed, whether it be in the first trimester or second always speak to a healthcare professional. It may not be as bad as you think.

– The anxiety of the 12 week scan. We were lucky to have a 6 week scan, this is not something that happens usually. However, the anxiety was still there and looking at forums etc a lot of women feel the same. You convince yourself of the worst to stop it being so much of a shock and hurting so much yet 9 times out of 10 things are perfectly fine. Worrying is not good for the baby. I’m sure everything is absolutely fine.

One thing that rings true with all of the above points is reassurance. That’s all us mum to be want, to know everything is ok. All I can say is trust your body and trust your instinct, the majority of the time it is right. These were just somethings that happened to me. In pregnancy, the list is endless, every one is different.

Note, everyone is different in pregnancy. Some people will not experience any of these symptoms and some will experience so much more. Google (or the nhs website) is your best friend and worst enemy. If you can, then talk to your midwife or doctor, if not, like mine who never ever answers the phone, call your mum! Please note this is what is happening to me. If you feel something may be wrong seek medical advice as soon as possible. Remember this is such an amazing time, make the most of it. Read my baby announcement post here.


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  1. Shweta Raut
    02/02/2020 / 8:43 pm

    Thanks for covering about the bleeds. I noticed mine 4-5 weeks (last week tbf it’s still ongoing) and I was so terrified – called midwives frantically till they scanned me. All is fine and I am called again in two weeks

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