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Why August saw me have a staycation

August saw me stay very much in kent this year. This is the first in many many years that I have done this. A Staycation isn’t all that bad, especially when bank holiday weekend is 28c!
I stayed in my sunny corner of the UK for many reasons but mainly because travelling in august is so expensive. Last year we flew to crete in august. Flights were £1400 for the three of us, yet, the previous year we flew to Crete in October for £60 return each! It blows my mind how travel companies are allowed to do this. Anyhow we have also decided to tour Italy at the end of September so August was our home month.

This month has flown by and here are some things that we got up to that cost either nothing or very little;

Chilling- Playing in the field near us with some of the best out door toys we own and generally just spending quality time together. Cost- Free

Herne bay air show abloggersbeauty

Herne Bay Air Show- viewed from a field near us to avoid all the ridiculous crowds. Cost- Free

Broadstairs abloggersbeauty

Broadstairs Beach- A day paddling and laughing away. Cost- Free

London abloggersbeauty

Shopping in London- Well technically free until my credit card bill comes through.

Minnis bay abloggersbeauty

Minnis Bay- Crabbing for the very first time. Cost- Free, Memories- Priceless

Hythe Venetian Fete abloggersbeauty

Hythe Venetian Fete- £10 a ticket for a night of wonder and fun!

To have fun and enjoy time with your family it really doesnt have to cost much. Children will not remember how much you spent on them but the time you gave them.


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