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September Goals

September goals abloggersbeautySeptember is knocking, like where did the summer go? I feel I’ve been waiting for September since forever. Finding out I was pregnant back in June made me long for my 20 weeks more but the summer has made it fly by and here we are- September has arrived! Being pregnant means heat, plus there have been quite a few days this summer that have been unbearable so if I am completely honest I am looking forward to the cooler weather and the boots and the roll necks!

Inspiration hasn’t been coming in waves if I am honest. The past month or so has been so tiring but hitting this week I have this burst of energy so it is time to make some goals for September. So here are my September Goals. They may be small but you have to start somewhere;

September Goals abloggersbeauty

Stick to my blog diary- I have a diary where I list all my posts for the month so I can keep organised of what needs to be posted when. The last two months this has totally gone out the window, but, September I am back with vengeance. I must be more organised!

September Goals abloggersbeauty

Experiment with cooking more– I am not a bad cook, each week in my house I do a real variety of dinners, however, September is the perfect time to get those root vegetables out again. I’m thinking some nice stews/ slow cooked dinners, vegetables galore, a load of spice. It is time to be brave

September Goals abloggersbeauty

Embrace the early mornings– February is going to bring lots of early mornings and late nights so it is time to start getting into routine. No more weekend lay ins, we are getting up bright and early and going on those cold morning walks, taking that extra time to cook breakfast and embracing that extra hour or two.

September Goals abloggersbeauty

Us time- Although my partner and I live together we don’t really do date night that much. This is going to change. Once a week we will have date night, whether it be a meal or cinema or even a lovely walk. Taking the time to do these things together before the baby is here is super important.

September Goals abloggersbeauty

Sorting through skincare- As a blogger I get sent products and I also buy my own, this means my collection has become out of control. Sorting through all my products is a chore but one that needs to be done. Time to tone it down and clear out the crap


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