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A New Skin Routine for Pregnancy with Skintifique

Skintifque abloggersbeautySkintifque abloggersbeauty Skintifque abloggersbeautyPregnancy Skin can quite frankly do your head in. My skin for these first 16 weeks has been a nightmare, however, I think I am slowly coming out the other side. I have recently been using skincare products from a new company called Skintifique to see if would make any difference to my combo skin.

Skintifique products are 100% pure and non-allergenic and are super nourishing on the skin. This is the first company to be able to protect the skin from metals like Nickel. I am not going to sit here and bore you with scientific facts and figures about how dangerous metals are to the body. I just want to show you how these particular products fare with my skin.

The first product In the regime that I used is the cleanser. The cleanser consists of only 5 elements. The cleanser removes makeup and impurities from the skin, it doesn’t smell to chemically and it is particularly good for sensitive skin. I know a lot of people worry about rashes and blemishes when using new cleansers but I found this one to be really unreactive. From a makeup point I didn’t find the cleanser removed my makeup fantastically well as  had to use my normal makeup remover after, however, as a cleanser it works well once makeup is off and left my skin super refreshed.

Next I tried the Moisturizing Lotion HP. I am always super nervous to try new lotions on my face as my pores clog so easily. If I’m honest I did use a little on my face and found my skin clogged within 12 hours. The rest of my body did take very kindly to it though and it was left feeling so so super soft.
I alternated this product with the Hydrating Gel Plus which I found to be such a different experience entirely. Leaving my skin so soft and smooth especially my legs I will be buying this by the bucket load!

As a whole, I wouldn’t say the packaging would draw me to it in a store, if anything the opposite, it looks so clinical. Having said that this is a range I would say to give a go. It may or may not work for your skin type but firstly it is always good to see what is out there and secondly I know the Gel is something that I would re-purchase.



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