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Jane Iredale introduces their Autumn 2017 collection

Jane iredale iiaa abloggersbeauty

Jane iredale iiaa abloggersbeauty

It’s here it’s here… autumn is here and I am loving it. Autumn has begun with a nice warm welcome to this glorious box of goodies courtesy of iiaa and Jane Iredale.

This is the Natural Balm collection which is taking the mineral makeup industry by storm this autumn. The stunning four piece collection is quite literally the perfect combination for this time of year. From warm tones to lovely bright red. This year, it is all about standing out from the crowd.

The collection consists of Naturally Glam Eye Shadow Kit, Lip Plumper in shade Paris, PureMoist Lipstick in shade Gwen and PurePressed Blush in Clearly Pink.
The Naturally Glam Eye Shadow Kit contains 5 shades- 1 cream and 4 warm browny/purply shades. Although small, the shades are highly pigmented and clearly long lasting. The product sits really well on the skin and does not begin to crease on the lid until right at the end of the day. I found you can wear this product for a good 5 or 6 hours before it either needs a little rebounding or etching out to of the creases. It is a pretty impressive palette from Jane Iredale who have clearly worked really hard to ensure this is one of the top Natural palettes out there.

With 28 shades available you’ll never get bored playing with the PureMoist Lipstick. Gwen is a shade that is a bright bold red that screams Taylor Swift to me or even better fitting Gwen Stephani. I love the bright red with a low key work outfit as it really boosts it from an Ok day to a YES day. The orange peel wax, avocado and sunflower seed oils offers a conditioned feeling to the lips. I much prefer a lipstick that nourishes the lip too otherwise after a full day of wear you can be left feeling so sore and dry. Where this product is quite creamy it does rub off quite easily.

Lip Plumper is always something I dreamed of working amazingly and turning my thin pinks into Kylie Jenner but thats just unrealistic. Jane Iredale claim that their lip plumper gives a fuller look and sheer finish to the lips, keeps lips moisturised, increases hydration and stimulates collagen production. Like most plumbers, upon application a warmer fuzzy feeling is always quite normal but that quickly reduces. I found that the plumper can withstand drinking liquids but eating tends to take it off quite quickly. That aside my lips did look a bit fuller and I would quite happily invest in the other shades too.

Last is the PurePressed Blush in Clearly Pink. my initial reaction of the shade was that it was quite bright and had a nice amount of shimmer in it too. There are 11 shades to choose from and I think next time I will go for a warmer shade, however, for a light touch of colour the Clearly Pink is a really nice shade especially for those brighter days. Although a powder, the product can actually be used on cheek or lips or both. It is quite highly pigmented so you do not need to use much at all. It blends nicely but wears quickly. I think i put this on around 6am and by 4pm it needed re-applying but I think thats more than ok after 10 hours of wear!

Id be interested to see how their under eye concealer and Loose Mineral powder compare to my current favourites.

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