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Why people are making me cry these days!

Why ARE people making me cry these days?! Yes ok pregnancy hormones are kicking in (you can follow my pregnancy journey here) but I have recently been seeing people in a different light. By that I mean, most people are one for themselves, why wouldn’t they be? Who wants to do something for others if there is nothing in it for them these days.
I am proudly not one of those people. If someone is struggling with their shopping and I have a free hand of course I will help them, they don’t just have to be old or injured. If I can help someone in some way that is not going to put my life at risk (family excluded) of course I’ll do it.

The other day I popped into JoJo Mama bebe to have my bra properly fitted. Turns out after a lot of measuring and three members of staff staring at me in a bra, they decided, actually they didn’t stock small waist and large cups big enough in store (bin bags it is)! However, they kindly wrote down the name of the bra and online sizes to order.
Whilst I was getting myself back together and folding myself back into my current bra, a picture of a lovely nursing cardigan on the wall caught my eye. It tied up ready for winter yet it was perfect for the winter/spring when baby will arrive.

Whilst I has paying for my new lovely cardigan I was talking to all the staff that had bared down upon my breasts, when a member of staff came over with a goodie bag full of bits. Now I want to highlight that they didn’t know anything about my blog or what I do. The lovely lady handed me a bag of bits and said “You and your girl deserve them, good luck lady.” My heart melted. How lovely of her, she didn’t need to do that, nor did she need to wish me well. Whitstable staff you are the loveliest and the biggest thank you comes to every one of you!!!

Why people are making me cry these days! abloggersbeauty

The last few days have been very exhausting me, from flying back extremely late/early from Italy and going straight off to a London event I was tired, irritable and feeling ugly AF. This 15 minutes of careful customer service brought me right back to where I needed to be. A few moments of kindness can change someones day, always be nice!

Why people are making me cry these days

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