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Bump Update | Boy or Girl?

From the moment I took the test I knew it was a boy. I felt it in my bones. Call it intuition, call it foolishness, call it what you will but I knew I was having a boy. I have had not one moment of morning sickness (typically known with boys), I was glowing and I was growing… fast. Despite my cockiness we decided to have a 16 week scan to find out as we would be on out babymoon for our 20 week scan so over to Baby Bond we went.

At our 12 week scan the baby was right at the front of my belly right behind my belly button and the placenta behind, it was a little wriggler and measurements took ages as it wouldn’t stay still. So why did we think our 16 week would be any different.
Having private care and NHS care in our pregnancy is extremely different. The private care just goes that extra mile every time and really makes you feel that they are there for you and you alone. They are not hurrying you out the door as they have 101 other scans to do and everything is explained and done at your pace.
The gel was warm this time and the picture much much clearer. The baby had stayed at the front of my belly and the placenta behind. The sonographer explained this may be why I feel I am bigger at the front. It hands were waving to us, those long slender fingers then covered its face and were up in the air again. This baby was the most active thing I think I had seen, no wonder I had already been feeling kicks and movement. All those egg craving days were paying off and this little beauty has strong muscles already.

Then the moment came, shoulder-blade, pelvis, legs and then…. IT’S A GIRL!

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How could I have been so wrong but what a surprise. We are so so over the moon that Thomas will have a baby sister! A Little girl running around in her Disney princess dresses! Oh how I cannot wait. Phil was so happy and excited I have never seen him melt so much before. Finally a dream come true, a boy and then a girl. Our perfect family will be welcoming her in February and she will be so so loved.


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