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Natural Spa Factory is helping me soothe my aches and pains

Vowing to take it easy this pregnancy and In all honesty I have done anything but. From trips to London every other weekend on business to walking ten miles a day in Italy for 2 weeks, I can kind of understand why my ankles are swollen and I think I am coming down with a cold.
So I have put myself on evening bed rest. I will be spending the next few weeks relaxing and chilling out in the evenings with maybe a little blogging on the side. But all trips to London have been cancelled for the foreseeable future and all nights out rescheduled. This is all about warm cups of hot chocolate, blankets, films and early nights.

Having heard how much I have been overdoing it lately, Natural Spa Factory have decided to step in. The absolute beauts there have sent me a gorgeous box of things that are going to help me chill. This is the Bumps A Daisy Range. These are just two of the products, the Bumps A Daisy Body Oil and the Bumps A Daisy Hand & Foot Scrub. Yes I know you’ve been seeing a lot of oil reviews on my blog recently. Oils are what my skin have been living off in pregnancy.
I have had to overcome my dislike to oil this pregnancy, dry skin is a killer and I DO NOT want stretch marks. Slowly, I am getting through all my oils but believe it or not I am running low so it was time to start looking for another. I think it is good to try an array of products in your first trimester as it will help you choose the exact one you want to when it really matters in your third trimester.

Natural spa factory santa baby gift set a bloggers beauty

This is the Santa Baby Christmas Gift set. Beautifully presented in a vibrant sunshine yellow box with black interior the gift set really is striking.

Bumps A Daisy Body Oil

The oil can actually be used in one of two ways, either straight onto the skin and massage or pour a little under a running bath tap to give a nourishing soak. Containing gentle sweet almond and wheat germ oils, complimented with a flurry of rose oil, mandarin, ho wood and bitter orange this oil is literally such a warming scent. It truly makes me feel relaxed and hydrated. This has got to be my most favourite oil from all the oils I have trialled so far.

Natural spa factory santa baby gift set a bloggers beauty

Body Exfoliator

This is other product in this gift box. The exfoliator contains ground olive stone meaning a natural exfoliant meaning a more nourished less parched skin. It is not super abrasive yet it is enough to get rid of those dead skin cells and leave the skin super soft at the same time. This pregnancy, I have really found to have really achy back and feet and using this on my ankles makes them feel so rested.

I really was super impressed with this gift set and I cannot wait to try out some of the candles Natural Spa Factory have to offer. you can shop this particular gift set here. I have got a funny feeling I am going to be poor by the end of the year!!!!

You can follow my pregnancy journey here.

Natural spa factory santa baby gift set a bloggers beauty

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