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A week in the life – Blogging & Full time work

Speaking out about blogging and working full time is one thing I do not shy away from. People often pile on the work thinking I do not have a life or I take far too much on and realise I only have evenings and weekends to work on it.
I have mentioned this a couple of times on social media but people just don’t understand how you do it. I work 8.30-5 mon to fri, I hold a strong blog, I care for my family and check they are provided for and happy, I clean the house twice a week to keep on top of everything and I am pregnant. This doesn’t take into account socialising and other commitments. So I thought I’d explain what makes up an average week for me right now at 22 weeks pregnant.

A week in the life - Blogging & Full time work a bloggers beauty


Nearly every day starts the same during the week. The alarm goes off at 6, snoozed until 6:30 then snooze agin until 7. Up at 7 and the usual wash, dress, makeup routine commences. By 7:30/7:45 I am usually down stairs sorting my lunch to take to work and prepping dinner if we are using the slow cooker etc. Having something simmering away all day if pure heaven to come back to.
8am I am out and on my way to work and working at my desk by 8:30.

Usually I am home between 5:10-5:30 and begin either putting the last of the washing away if it needs doing and then sorting dinner.
By 8 everything is cleared up and done and the evening its ours. Monday is lazy evening so it is usually TV then a nice relaxing bath or just chilling before an earlyish night.


Tuesday is much the same as Monday except it is Tommy tuesdays. We have tommy every tuesday eve and drop him to school wednesday morning.
For a while now first thing I ave physic on my back which eats into work time. I arrive a little late for work then my day begins.
So when I get home from work Tommy is normally here with his dad and I begin dinner straight away.
Whist cooking homework commences homework is done and books read. After dinner there is enough time to play a little with tommo before a 7:30 bed time.
After, we clear up a little and phil and I spend some time maybe watching bakeoff or again chilling.


School run day. I get up 20 mins earlier on a wednesday to sort thomas’ breakfast and make sure he is dressed, ready for school and any over night clothes have been put in his bag. His dad or I then take him to school and then go straight to work.
After work sees a sweep round of the floor and the hoovering to keep on top of things. After we usually have film night or maybe we have arranged to see friends or go out. Wednesday is normally a little of us time together on our own. Or at least it is until baby arrives.


Thursday is pretty much the same as monday but the evenings consist of blogging and catching up with the weeks emails, of which normally there is hundreds. Every so often I arrange thursday eves to see my mum and/or sister ad have a bit of a catch up. They no longer live round the corner and 45mins drive every so often isn’t so bad.


Again friday is like monday but the evening sees whatever we want. Whether it be friends round, or a night in, or dinner out, whatever we fancy. It is our window of opportunity and my most favourite evening of the week.

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday or Sunday is normally cleaning day and shopping if I haven’t already booked events in. Usually saturday or sunday is spent with family and friends and other is spent sorting things out.
By sorting I mean cleaning. Normally for us this consists of sweeping and mopping all the hard floors, dusting, hoovering, glass cleaning and cooker cleaning. Then there is the washing. All washing gets done at the weekends. Bed sheets, towels, clothes. I try and do the washing on saturday so it has time to dry and be put away but the end of the weekend.
Every other weekend we have my step son so we try and work this around playing with him and taking him out on exciting adventures.
Sunday evenings is normally blogging evening, prepping posts for the week or taking photos along with any other prep that needs to be done. It is also final cleaning up time if the little one has been.

So this is my week, it is not always the same but right now it is jam packed, just how I like it. By splitting blogging into 2 evenings I manage to get a lot done and keep on top of everything. Occasionally I miss one of the blogging even gins and it has such a knock on effect it is unreal.

You can read about the other things we often get up to here.

How do you balance blogging and work?

A week in the life - Blogging & Full time work a bloggers beauty


  1. LuxeStyle
    19/10/2017 / 12:13 pm

    It sounds like you do so much! I don’t know how you do it when you’re pregnant too x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

    • ABloggersBeauty
      20/10/2017 / 6:55 pm

      Thanks lovely, i guess you just do what you gotta do x

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