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Sensse Deep Pore Suction Cleanser Review

I’ve been lusting after a Deep Pore Suction Cleanser for a while now. I unfortunately have a tiny little acne scarring so I am always super conscious of aggravating my skin with anything from liquid cleanser to electrical. Skin is such a delicate thing and we should look after it the best we can. I’ve been seeing quite few reviews of the Sensse Deep Pore Suction Cleanser and wondered what all the hype was about.

I have reviewed loads of skincare products, especially this pregnancy, but nothing electrical. This is the first ever suction cleanser I have used so I didn’t really know what to expect.

Sensse Deep Pore Suction Cleanser Review abloggersbeauty

Sensse Deep Pore Suction Cleanser Review abloggersbeauty

Sensse Deep Pore Suction Cleanser Review abloggersbeauty

The Cleanser

The packaging is very plush and sophisticated with a lovely white box. Inside lays the Pore Cleanser. Dressed in white with a rose gold trim the cleanser is actually quite ascetically pleasing. The box also contains a charger and 3 different suction heads. A small suction head, a large suction head and a black head suction attachment. Each is detachable and can easily be cleaned after use with warm water and a cotton bud.

The Pore Cleanser has three suction strengths and also a water tank. You can fill the tank with water which, when turned on, creates a fine mist over the suctioned area which offers a more effective pore cleansing. Personally I didn’t see any difference between using water and not using water. I felt like I still wanted to rinse my face after with cold water to seal the pores again. The actual cleanser is not waterproof but it is splash proof so if any water trickles down the device it isn’t the end of the world.

Upon initial use I was really unsure about how long to hold it on the skin for. It turns out if you hold it too long in one place you get a love bite mark on your skin, which obviously now makes total sense. So the trick is to slowly drag the cleanser over your skin to give a slow even suction coverage.
At first I didn’t find the cleanser to suck up much if anything at all, but my skin was quite clear and clean. So a few days later I tried again whilst I was having a bit of a break out and it sucked up a little. I let my partner try it and he found it to be really good and cleared his skin really well.

The Cost

The product costs £39.99 right now but usually retails for £69.99 which I think is a little steep for what it is. I do like the product and I will use it again but I wouldn’t say it blew my mind. It would be interesting to see how this product compares to some of their other cleansers.

You cannot buy the product direct on the website, however, the shop now button offers a link to amazon to purchase which can be found here.


Sensse Deep Pore Suction Cleanser Review abloggersbeauty

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