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Halloween Lush Haul

lush halloween haul a bloggers beauty

It is so nearly Halloween and Lush, as always, have pulled out the stops. Every year around September I make my way into my local Lush store where they treat me like a princess, showing me all the lastest tips and tricks and all the new products. I always come away with spending far too much and with a handful of samples to try too.

lush halloween haul a bloggers beauty


Mosters Ball is my absolute favourite bath bomb…like ever, it has actually been improved from last year, the sales adviser told me glitter has now been added. Obviously/ naturally I couldn’t wait to try it so naturally… I bought two (for now)! I think the eye may have changed slightly from last year too?
One thing I love about monsters ball is that you aren’t left covered in oil like quite a few of them offer. The colours are just absolutely stunning and it is such a wow experience every single time.

What would be a lush haul without a bubble bar. I saw these two stunning glittery pumpkins on the side and I had to have them. Simply snap a piece off into the running bath water and crumble in your hands. Watch your bath transform into a bubble madness with beautiful colours and glitter.

What always amazes me is that when you touch the bars you get covered in little, literally the thickness of glitter is outrageous. Yet when in the bath it must dissolve a little as the bath is left pretty clean and I am not sparkly.

I had the pumpkin bubble bar  last year which you can see here. (actually looking at monsters ball eye it has defo changed.) The pumpkin always leaves my skin so soft too! This year sees the pink pumpkin too! My weakness and restraint is poor, I had a few in the basket I am not going to lie.

The other Halloween item to catch my eye was the Bewitched Cat Bubble Bar. It does leave your water black which feels a little weird getting into but once you’re in…oh the smell. It kind of has a sweet smell that I couldn’t quite pin. With bath bars you can either crumble the whole thing under running water or snap a bit of and crumble that. i always snap a bit off as you get just the same intensity but it lasts longer.


Lastly I saw glitter and I couldn’t say no. Although not Halloween themed I want to trial something for Christmas. I picked out the Snow Angel Bath Melt. So with this one after running my bath I placed the melt on top of the water and it actually gives a snow angel ring in the bath, it is really incredible. This is a real moisturising item. It contains loads of cocoa butter (perfect for my pregnant belly) and smells of sweet warmness, a hint of rose and marzipan but not too overpowering. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which helps with my swelling feet.

I cant wait to get some more Christmasy bits but for now off to enjoy my Halloween stash! You can see all Lush’s Halloween items on their website or in store.

lush halloween haul a bloggers beauty


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