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Face masks really are a true love of mine. I love trying loads of different ones because they’re always so different. Each one has a unique way of benefitting your skin. Benefitting most of the time anyway. Double Dare Masks were something that I caught my eye at London Olympia. The company caters all their masks to all different skin types so you’ll bound to find something that works for you.

Double Dare have really thought about what ingredients to use, from gold to charcoal to clay, the mask offer such an array of skin opportunity it really is incredible.

Double dare OMG face mask abloggersbeauty The first mask I tried from the range was the OMG Platinum Green Facial Mask Kit. This is a three step mask. Firstly apply the foaming sheet mask, leave for 1-3 mins then rinse. Next apply the green metallic liquid. I advised using a brush for this it makes it super easy. Leave the mask for around 30 minutes and it will then peel off. Note; do not go to close to your eyes as it pulls on the skin quite a lot when peeling off. Once peeled use the serum cloth to add moisture to your face.

Double dare OMG face mask abloggersbeauty I was a little concerned when using the Foam sheet mask and serum as I can have quite oily skin but this morning my skin feels so soft and clear. However, the mask claims to eliminates impurities and enhances your complexion which I feel it does wonderfully. The serum also boats to offer anti-ageing components which obviously Im not going to say not to but as a mask it is hard to tell if the anti-ageing elements actually work

I really loved this mask especially the metallically colour. If this sets the bar for all the rest then I am already super excited. Before Olympia I actually hadn’t heard of the company before but they have loads to offer and I will definitely be looking at a lot more of their products. You can see this particular mask on their website here.

The next mask that I pulled out of the pile was not actually a mask but a set of eye collagen masks. The eye masks are a small, soft hydrogel patch that nourishes the skin underneath the eye. The masks promotes a reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet. I only used these once so I can’t say I noticed a dramatic different but my skin did feel a lot softer and looked like it wasn’t as tired.

Double dare OMG face mask abloggersbeauty

This is the Platinum Hot pink mask kit. Like the green mask it is a three step formula and has very similar results. I am not sure why but I found the pink to dry quicker even though I don’t think I did anything different.

There has not really been a mask company out there that wows me, like that has really blown my mind. Don’t get me wrong they have been close but this company literally made me say OMG. I really really genuinely loved the products. I have a few other masks to try out this month by a few other companies so it’ll be interesting to see how they compare in comparison.

To purchase any of these masks head simply click here.


Double dare OMG face mask abloggersbeauty

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