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NYX Makeup Autumn Haul

I love autumn makeup, I dont know whether its the Halloween make overs or the change in routine but it gets me so excited for the cold weather. Don’t get me wrong I love the warmth from the sun but there is something about running through a pile of leaves in your wellies with a thick sweater on and a hat! Autumn for me is my absolute favourite time of year.

At Olympia Beauty this year I headed over to the NYX stand to grab myself a bargain or two and saw another rack of attempted blonde brow products, you all know what I am going to say here so I won’t bore you with the details (you can read those here). The last NYX brow product I got was, to the say the least, not for me. For that reason I was hugely skeptical. However, for the first time NYX have surprised me. This brow pencil is actually for blondes! Now my brows are WHITE! So it was always going to be hard to find a true match but this is pretty damn close. With a bit of bending it works perfectly. The pencil isn’t too thick, like so many are, making it super easy to define the brow really easily. Finally a brow product I’m happy with.

NYX Autumn Haul abloggersbeauty NYX Autumn Haul abloggersbeauty

The other product I latched my hands on was the Dark Circle Correcteur Concealer. This is something Ive never really looked at, my current concealer is incredible and I tend to get enough sleep. Being pregnant is bringing those dark circles out though. This is a orange based concealer that cancels out the darkness. I apply a little of this under my normal concealer and it literally looks flawless. The pigment is pretty good, I thought it was going to be poor but it is surprisingly ok.

The last item I picked up was the Wonder Stick. The Wonder Stick is a contour and highlight stick. I picked the lightest which is still quite dark but with extra blending you can get by.

I love trying out new products that I have never used before even from highstreet brands. If you would like to buy any of these products you can either head to Boots or from NYX direct.


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