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Janna Luxury Sheet Masks

This week I have been gracing my skin with the varying wonders from Janna. Offering a wide range of very very different masks, Janna hasn’t held back when it comes to variance. From face masks to neck masks to very intimate masks Janna has you completely covered. The company boasts Organic ingredients and Paraben free products

Janna Masks abloggersbeauty

Janna Masks abloggersbeauty

There are one or two masks in the collection which I don’t feel you as my readers will want to know the ins and outs of such as the intimate mask. Yes you heard that right and you can only guess where that goes. I will leave that one up for you to try.

My top two favourite masks from the selection here was the Bio-Cellulose mask and the Self Foaming Sheet mask.

Bio cellulose is sterile, toxin free, and extraordinarily pure. It is fantastic to use in skin care products because of this. Bio cellulose hold 100x their own moisture meaning a mask will not dry out during use. The super hydration also helps it cling to your skin which helps to open pores during use giving a deeper better performance mask. In mask form it can be very durable also meaning It can be applied, removed, and re-applied if necessary.
Janna’s Bio-cellulose mask is a really good size and left my skin feeling really super soft. I was super impressed with the mask and have actually asked for a couple more for Christmas.

The Self Foaming Sheet mask was also a favourite of mine. I really really liked this mask. I am a huge fan of charcoal and using it on the body and this mask ticked all the boxes. Charcoal is amazing for drawing out these deep impurities. The self foaming side of things was too excessive but at the same time really worked to clear my skin.

Janna masks are still something I am unsure of. I like a particular few but the thought of literally putting a mask on my intimate areas… well I’m sure it would do it a lot of good but I don’t feel comfortable doing it. I love the concept the company has to offer with the diverse masks and I am sure someone out there will fall in love with the ‘different’ masks but I applaud the company for giving a consumer the opportunity that no other currently do.

Fancy trying Janna masks? Head over their website to see the full range.


Janna Masks abloggersbeauty

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