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Impress nails abloggersbeauty

Nails are a little something I love to indulge in. For me, they complete an outfit. I love to experiment with different paints or acrylics and, more recently, a new type called CJP. These particular ones let your nails breathe so when you take the nails off your nails underneath are still really strong but that’s for another post. I actually have recently done another post which will help those who paint their own nails. You can read it here.

When I received an email from a PR company asking me to have a look at Impress Nails I was intrigued. No stick on nails have ever impressed me, literally ever. They’re a great idea but in reality they’re rubbish. To me, they are disappointment in a box, pointless and a waste of money. So why was I intrigued then you may ask. Firstly these nails have a patent duper hold adhesive, this was my first reason. Could they really work? If I am 100% honest I applied these nails with little/ no expectation what so ever, I fully expected them to ping off when I washed my hair or fall off whilst cooking dinner!

Sunday night, it was time. They are very easy to apply coming with a step by step guide enclosed. It probably took me around 7-8 mins from start to finish. Foolishly I had events all week last week, not the glamorous kind thought, carrying does and presenting machinery and instantly I knew I probably hadn’t really set the nails up to succeed. However, that aside, I thought well if it survives this week then they must be good.

Thursday night whilst loading the work vans I caught one. ‘It’s gone, ping’ I thought. In fairness it was hanging on by a thread and it bloody hurt so the adhesive must be pretty strong. After this I did end up picking the others off whilst waiting for a meeting but they were very difficult to get off.

I was very impressed by the nails and actually can’t wait to get another set on. For £7.99 I think they really are worth it! On average in the uk acrylics range from £20-£35 so I think these are a great compromise.

You can purchase them from any Superdrug store or from the imPress website direct.


Impress nails abloggersbeauty

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