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Preventing Pregnancy with an App? Really?

Preventing Pregnancy with an App? Really?

As I am sat here on this chilly autumn night I came across something which actually quite shocked me. Firstly I think women can drive themselves a bit potty with pregnancy tests, apps, how to’s, what to’s and the ever-growing abyss of the internet when trying to conceive. For us it was more keeping track of what was happening to my body when. One app I absolutely swore by was one called P.D. It asks you how you’re feeling on certain days, you track your period etc and it tells you when you are fertile and ovulating. For people with problem periods or trying to conceive It is extremely beneficial.

However, on a separate note, not everyone is looking to get pregnant every time they have sex. I remember back to my secondary education where we were gathered in a large curtained area with seats and we were ask general questions about who’s started their period, who’s had sex, who has a boyfriend- It was cringey to say the least. But (!) there was not one moment we were offered advice about prevention of pregnancy or protection or anything like that. I am not sure if it was assumed that we were all quite intelligent and should know better or if the assumption was we already knew?
Fast forward to age 15 and my mum took to me to the doctors to look at contraception; the pill, the coil, the implant, the injection, condoms, nothing… they were all explained to me in-depth. Opting for the pill at the time, I was made aware instantly that this did not protect against STI’s and STD’s.
Now looking at that last sentence and remembering its importance…. why oh why would a company release an app that claims to prevent pregnancy by taking your temperature each morning. Why are they not boasting about safer sex? This new form of ‘contraception’ has hit the world rather quietly yet I sit here outraged! The app explains it is ‘effective method of contraception. And so much more. It’s the app that gives you the knowledge to get to know your body and truly understand how your cycle works. It’s protection with more sexual freedom…‘ I am sorry but – what the F!!!

The app is titled Natural Cycles. The app uses a thermometer to check your body temperature every morning by placing it under the tongue. A notification will appear on your phone with a green bar or a red bar showing whether it is safe to have sex or not. Now I want everyone to understand that science shows that body temperature and checking it in this way does work BUT it will never ever protect you from infection or disease. I agree that this is a natural hormone free way of not getting pregnant but I totally disagree with the idea.
If you are in a long-term relationship where risks are lowered then maybe I could see it having a slim potential chance but in the heat of the moment nobody is going to say ‘ sorry I can’t I don’t have the right body temperature’ or ‘ sorry it’s not a safe day’. I don’t feel the app is ready for a realistic world.

When did it become ok to promote unsafe sex just because the method prevents pregnancy. Not only that I hear the company in question is actually asking for influencer’s to review it. (face palm). Where is the ethical element in this? When did this become ok?!!!

Note that contraception is finding what is right for you at your particular time in your life. There is a whole world of information available out there, please don’t resort to an app, speak to your health care professional who will explain to you all your options.

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