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Welcome back to the ABB Book Club (ABBBC). This months book of choice was The Sun is also a Star By Nicola Yoon.

I really struggled at first to get into this book. I felt it just didn’t really grip me. I persevered and eventually it became quite an easy read. I felt the plot was kind of lacking in the fact that the story revolves around Natasha trying to get to her appointment. I felt it lacked substance and needed something else to happen in the book. I was constantly waiting for some catastrophic event that didn’t come and in a slightly sadistic way that disappointed me.
I like how Daniel was introduced and the way his character was almost molded around Natasha and without his story line the book would have been a total disappointment for me.

The style in which it has been written means you constantly need to concentrate. Rather than your everyday chapters the book flicks between a personal account of the situation in hand for each character. Among these sections there are fact sheets that relate to something being said or something that has happened. It is a nice touch and one that I feel isn’t done often enough in books and if anything this book has left me with a little extra knowledge I didn’t have before. I like that this book is different in that way but it does take some strong getting used to.

I have no idea, even after reading the book cover to cover, why the book is titled what it is. I felt it had no relation to the story at all.

December’s book is going to be a little different. You’ll have December and January to read it because everyone gets mega busy in December. This book is going to be We Were Liars By E Lockhart, you can buy it here.

ABBBC November

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