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Wonderland Makeup is a company I had not heard of before this little package landed on my door mat. Wonderland makeup offer a variety of different makeup products from Lipstick all the way to Nail Varnish. The company aims to offer high-end, cruelty-free makeup at an affordable price without letting the quality slip away from them. So I wanted to put this to the test, could a company really offer something that good?

I was sent three items. A primer, a nail varnish and a loose powder pigment.

The primer is a nice consistency and covers the skin well. The primer actually leaves the skin really soft and ready and prepped for foundation. Personally, for me, the primer didn’t smell too pleasant. I would have like something a little more perfumed rather than chemically but the product itself is surprisingly very good.
Whilst using the primer I put a tiny bit on my eye lids before applying the loose pigment powder (apparently it helps it stay on a little longer). The powder I tried is called ‘sky’ and not normally a colour I personally would choose, however, there are 92 shades to choose from so there will be a shade perfect for pretty much an skin tone. The pigment is reasonably well pigmented but I found it to gather in the crease of my eyelid within around 2 hours. I wouldn’t say it lasts all day but you can get a good 4 or 5 hours wear out of it.

The Nail varnish in shade ‘Ice Cream’ is a pretty nude shade with a slight pinky essence. It is quite hard wearing and doesn’t chip too easily. I found after two coats I can get around a weeks wear out of it before it needs taking off again. Note this is with a top coat of my fave Barry M applied to seal it.

As a whole, I think the products are priced really reasonably. For example the nail varnish stands at just £6 each and the choice they have covers every outfit you could want to match it with. The packaging doesn’t offer much to be desired and could be a lot sleeker but don’t let that deter you from what’s inside.

You can shop the primer here, nail varnish here and pigment here. You can get 15% off your full order now using my code Bloglife15 at the checkout.


Wonderland Makeup abloggersbeauty

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