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Sport FX | The understated brand

Sport FX is a company that have really come out the woodwork this year. I was first introduced to them through Glossybox back in April and they instantly wowed me. Right now No I am not a gym bunny and let’s be honest I probably never will be, however, being 27 weeks pregnant brings it’s own form of a mini workout. Simply putting your socks on can nearly cause you to pass out from lack of oxygen (jokes). That aside though, I have been spending a lot of time shopping and doing up the house that I feel like I have been doing more than I should and probably should rest a lot more. Who knew re-lining a work top could be so draining!
That is where Sport FX have stepped in to help me. Sport FX offer high quality, high performance products with many of the products being waterproof, sweatproof or sweat resistant!

Sport FX | The understated brand abloggersbeauty

Sport FX | The understated brand abloggersbeauty

Sport FX | The understated brand abloggersbeauty

Sport FX | The understated brand abloggersbeauty

Sport FX | The understated brand abloggersbeauty

Sport FX | The understated brand abloggersbeauty

I have been so lucky and am able to show you a whole box full of goodies; Balance Boosting BB Cream, Recovery Lip Balm, Shape Up Brow Pencil, Concealer, Definition Duo Eyeliner Pencil, Sport Stamina Mascara and Performance Powder + Bronzer Compact Duo. What a box!

I want to first start with Balance Boosting BB Cream in Fair. The consistency when it first comes out the tube is quite thick but upon application it spreads to a nice coverage that isn’t too cakey. The shade is definitely for fair skin, they really nailed that one. I can use this shade in the winter but in summer it may be a tiny bit to pale for me. You can choose from; Light, Fair, medium and Deep which is not a huge selection but they mix really well together if you need to have a bit more of a darker or lighter shade.
I really liked the smell, which with BB cream, is a big thing for me as it is sitting on your face and you’re smelling it all day.
The key question when it comes to this product is did it last all day. I trialled this one quite a few different days. Firstly, my management job, office based but sometimes hectic, on that day we got a big thumbs up. It lasted well and by the end fo the day I still looked fresh faced. The second day I tried this was a work events day when I was on my feet all day, slightly sweating out but not to much moving about, it stayed up reasonably well this day too. Now the third day I tried it was a weekend. Most weekends I am running about like a mad woman. Housework, shopping, cooking, praying …. did it with stand…. yes it blooming’ did! I was so shocked! It didn’t budge one bit. Now I know this is not exactly work out sweat but if it can withstand my Saturdays then I would be very shocked if it didn’t hold out with a workout routine.

The Powder and Bronzer compact duo is not something that wowed me. The bronzer is really nice and easy to apply and blends really well but the powder just didn’t do anything for me. It was pretty average with not much coverage. It is a nice backup powder but not one I would invest in.

Raspberry Rhubarb Recovery lip balm is something I saw in November glossybox. It makes having it on your lips super yummy. I am so blessed to have soft lips, I don’t think I have ever really used lip balm but it is nice to have it there if need be.

Eyeliner pencil – it either stays or it doesn’t. The Definiton Duo Eyeliner pencil is just like any other pencil, with sweating it doesn’t rub off any easier but after a days wear most eyeliners including this one have worn off.

Next I wanted to try the Core Cream Concealer. Now my current concealer is amazing so it is always going to take a hell of a lot to live up to that and this one just couldn’t quite make it if I’m honest. It’s consistency appears quite thick until you apply and rub it across your skin then it goes thin quite quickly. Out of all the products in the box I think I was most disappointed with this one. It’s good if you like a very natural thin coverage but personally that’s not me when it comes to concealer.

I am a bit fussy when it comes to Mascara, It needs to wow me or it is just not worth it, I like length and I like and I like Volume. It has to look naturally bold. My lashes are naturally very long so a non clogging, defining mascara is always a must. Sport FX offer a Sport Stamina Mascara. Instead of the traditional rigid tube, it comes in a squidgy like tube. I think this is quite beneficial though as you can really get the last little bit out towards the end.

Oh brow pencils … I don’t need to say much more than that ! Us poor blondes spend hundreds of pounds on blonde brow pencils that no company can get right… ever!! The Shape Up Brow Pencil has literally blown my mind!!! I’m being 1000000% honest ! (Insert angels “aaahhhing” in the distance)! It’s blonde! A real life blonde brow pencil that is 100% blonde. When I first applied it I thought – is this even coming out and going on my skin? But as I filled in the sparceness I could t believe my eyes! It was actually the same shade ! Like exactly the same shade ! There was been one or two brow products recently that have come pretty close but omg it actually is perfect ! This is THE PERFECT(!) brow pencil for blonde people!

Being able to try out a real big selection of product has been really amazing. As you saw in my initial Glossybox reviews I loved the Brush and Fix it spray and the Lip Balm would be amazing if I had dry lips so I was so intrigued as to how a company that specialises in offering makeup to women on the move could offer anything with reasonable coverage.
I really like a lot of SportFX products and the ones I don’t like I think they are just not for me. They are a dark horse of a company and one I would definitely recommend.

To purchase any of these products just head over to SportFX.com.



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