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Eye creams, Face Creams, Serums… pretty much all skin care companies out there claim to be the best and have the best. So how can you tell the good ones apart from the bad without ending up broke, because lets face it, the better the cream the bigger the price. I think my favourite skin care product currently retails at £79 (eyes water)!!
Bellevue is a company that focuses on covering ‘the needs of the contemporary woman, who wants to combine her busy lifestyle with her personal care, and is not willing to compromise in the quality or performance of the beauty product she uses.’
Many skin care companies plough chemicals into their products without really much thought to the user- surely if it does the job why wouldn’t they love it? However, 2017 has seen such an increase in the desire to use more natural products it is like the companies cannot keep up. Bellevue pride themselves in using ingredients such as natural glycolic acid and mineral salts among others along with being paraben and paraffin free.
What is even more shocking is that the company offer a LIFETIME guarantee! Yes, seriously! Whether you are having doubts on first use or even a year down the line- they have you covered! How crazy is that! I have never heard a skincare company be so sure of themselves. So lets see how they faired.

Night Repair cream is always something I am a little dubious about. Bellevue’s uses snail extract which is hugely known for its repairing properties. You may have seen my other post about a year ago about snail extract, it is definitely something the industry need to use more of. This cream also claims to offer a reducing in scarring, acne and dark spots along with making your skin generally radiant. I have been using this cream every night for around 2 weeks now and also I currently haven’t seen any reduction in acne scarring I really do seem to have a bit of life in my skin. I will continue to use this product and Ill try and update this post in a month or so with some results. The night cream is very nourishing but has a funny waxy like texture that I am still a little unsure of if I am honest but with time that opinion may change.

To go with the night cream is a Restorative Day Cream. Again this uses Snail extract with vitamins and minerals to leave mature, dry skin very moisturised. For me this product was just too heavy but only because I do not suffer with dry skin so I found my skin breaking out a bit more than usual.

Next up we have Eye Gel.  I do love a good soothing eye gel. I think applying this first thing in the morning before makeup really wakes your eyes up and makes you ready for the day. The product explains its results portray the erasing of fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet and revitalising the skin around the eyes. I am lucky at age 26 to not super from wrinkles etc around the eyes but I am sure that will come with time. To be able to use this product to wake my eyes up and keep my skin in the best condition possible works for me. I was quite impressed with the smell and consistency etc and would actually look into buying more of this one.

The last product I tried was the Facial Serum. Evening skin tone, restoring health and texture from first use is a bold statement. The serum is ultra-hydrating and deeply moisturising. Because of its huge moisturising element I only used a tiny bit each time. A little does go a long way with this product so do not put a tonne on your finger on first application. I have noticed my skin looking more radiant but I am not sure if that is the night cream, the serum or a combination of both.

Bellevue is a company that I had never heard but a company that I want to hear a lot more of. Their products are good quality are definitely worth trying.

If you wish to purchase any of these you can buy them on Amazon. Simply use my code ‘AblogBea’ to get 50% off at the checkout.



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