Lee Stafford | Rainbow Shine Curling Wand & Hair products

Lee Stafford | Rainbow Shine Curling Wand abloggersbeauty

Lee Stafford | Rainbow Shine Curling Wand abloggersbeauty

Lee Stafford | Rainbow Shine Curling Wand abloggersbeauty

Lee Stafford | Rainbow Shine Curling Wand abloggersbeauty

Lee Stafford | Rainbow Shine Curling Wand abloggersbeauty

Lee Stafford products have been a love of mine for the best part of 13 years. Ultimately, for me, the smell is just my favourite. You can tell a Lee Stafford product from a mile off, it is so unique and so ‘aahhhh’. That’s literally how I can describe it… it’s the Lee Stafford smell.
I was super excited when not only two hair products landed on my mat but also the most beautiful curling wand I think I have ever seen. This stunning Iridescent curler is so dreamy, I’ve never seen a curler so pretty.

For anyone that doesn’t know who Lee Stafford is (ha!), Lee Stafford himself is a renowned celerity hair dresser with a wonderful hair care company. Launching in 2002, the company offer a wide selection of hair styling, hair growth, hair protection and even your everyday shampoo and condition. Aged 13 (2004) I discovered my love of the products and have never ever looked back.

Using his products after all these years means I get super excited when new products come out or they change something for the better so using the new Air Dry range has been super exciting for me.
The Air Dry range is a game changer. I tried the Air Dry Cream LiTe. It is a cream that protects your hair from heat styling, so you can use against the heat of hair dryers, curlers, straighteners etc. It also tames frizzy hair to keep it looking on point. Simply apply a small blob to the ends of your hair after washing and dry and style as normal. Not only does this leave your hair smelling AMAZING but it actually works- really works.

You don’t need much, so don’t be adding a full hands worth to your ends. It doesn’t sit on top of your hair and give a greasy look at all like so many of these type of products do.

The other product Lee Stafford has to offer right now in their ‘Just in’ category is the Hair Growth Scalp Scrub. (insert more angels singing). This is a product that you massage into your head pre-washing. Little weird thought I know but simply wet hair and massage into scalp, rinse out and then wash hair like normal. The massaging combined with the product stimulates the follicles into helping the growing process.
Although I love this product and my hair seems to be growing nicely, it could just be because I am pregnant so I won’t know it’s full effects until after my pregnancy but for now I will continue to use.

Now on to the Rainbow Shine Curling Wand! Oh mumma! Firstly can we take a minute to admire how stunningly beautiful this is!!

This curling wand heats up to 220c and is so easy to use. The first thing I noticed was it does not have a the stereotypical clip to hold the hair, however, with the heat glove that it comes with you don’t really need it, simply twist the hair around and hold. I didn’t need to use the heat glove as I just held the ends of my hair tight to the wand.

By putting your hair in a pony tail first you can curl your hair (mass dependent) in about 4-5 twists. It makes it super easy and super quick. After I applied a light hold hair spray and boom… curls for days!

The wand seems to wow me every time I use it, I am so in love! Its just so pretty and so good!

The stunning Rainbow shine wand can be purchased here and the stunning hair products here.


Lee Stafford | Rainbow Shine Curling Wand abloggersbeauty

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