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5 Beauty products that are just not worth it

5 Beauty products that are just not worth it abloggersbeauty
Banana Powder

Firstly who thought of the name?! Seriously ?! Basically it is a setting powder in a yellow shade. Apparently it helps with setting more yellower tones like concealer but I have seen no difference at all between this and normal setting powder- none! Some of these powders retail for an eye water £27!

Expensive Makeup Brushes

No a cheap makeup brush is not doing to wow you, however, the difference between a £8 foundation brush and a £25 is not going to make much difference either. A decent makeup brush that the bristles don’t fall out of every time you use it is needed yes, but, it really doesn’t have to break the bank. Brands such as Eco Tools, Zoeva, Spectrum all aren’t too expensive yet wow me every time.

Lip Scrubs

Skin on the lips is not like normal skin, it does not have the protective layer on top and it doesn’t produce any natural oils. Must lip scrubs consist of sugar and oil and a few a handful of chemicals or other useless products thrown in for good measure. All in all a lip scrubs are used to help hydrate the skin. Lip scrubs are said to be great for getting rid of small amounts of dry skin. However, this is where I think they are just not worth it. Firstly they are more expensive then balms and effectively do the same thing, also when worked into dry lips they can cause the cracks to open more actually giving you more sore lips. I rest my case.

Lip Butters

Face palm! Why? Just Why?! Just use Lip balm or moisturiser. Most ‘lip butters’ have no different ingredients to the same brands moisturisers yet can sting you on price for a tiny pot.

Pore Strips

This one actually saddens me. I really liked pore strips when I first discovered them. Then I realised your pores are usually clogged much deeper down and pore strips are generally just over sticky adhesive strip tape. That is literally it! Exfoliate and cleanse- that’ll clear them out.


5 Beauty products that are just not worth it abloggersbeauty

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