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10 Things That Make Christmas My Favourite Time of Year

10 Things That make Christmas My Favourite Time of Year abloggersbeauty

I literally love Christmas, it really is my favourite time of year. Everyone is excited and you can feel the suspense in the air. It really is the most wonderful time fo the year!

This year I will be broadcasting Christmas at 33 weeks pregnant and every single bit jealous of all you red wine drinkers and cheese eaters.

In the mean time though here are 10 things that quite literally make Christmas for me

And it’s only a week away!!!

1 Everyone is so happy and excited!

2 Films oh the films. Love actually, Elf, Nativity!, Muppets Christmas Carol, The snowman… after a long day Christmas. shopping watching some of these with a cup of hot chocolate is the of pure bliss.

3 Taking the lights and tree decoration down from the loft has got to be (for me) the most exciting momement, it means Christmas is well and truly on its way- its actually happening.

4 The attire! This year unfortunately it is whatever fits but usually I love a good Christmas jumper or a sparkly dress, Christmas is all about either not giving two hoots about how ridiculous you look or looking extra extra glam!

5 Christmas Day breakfast, from the age of about 4 until 18, for me, it was always chocolate for breakfast- the only time of year it is without a doubt totally acceptable. Age 19 my tastes changed and bacon… just give me bacon… 3 rounds later and you are then ready for chocolate haha.

6 I don’t think there has been one year where I haven’t seen my family on Christmas Day, even when I was spending most of my time on barracks- Christmas Day was family day. For me it’s the eating with family and then the games, it’s the only time where we are all together one and all and not picking at each other.

7 Cheese and Red wine- well normally anyway- this year its apples and ribena! Christmas sins Christmas without cheese, like a full on board. I am more of a gooey cheese person- oh the brie …oh the camembert … I guess this year I’ll be sticking to boring cheddar!

8 On the subject of cheese…. the roast dinners too. Roasts are my absolute fave and December is just a full on excuse to have them a few times a week with absolutely everything piled on top, Stuffing with pork and a Yorkshire with cranberry sauce… hell yeh!

9 The coca-cola advert! This has to be one everyones list. As soon as you hear those key words ‘holidays are coming… holidays are coming’ the anticipation starts!

10 9 times out of 10 I wait until the 27th or 28th to go sale shopping but there has been the odd year when on Boxing Day I have hit the sales and by god they’re good. One thing I do every single year is use my Boots Advantage card points. I save them up all year and by 26th I have between £25-50 worth to spend on all those half price sets. YES! Bargain central- technically it’s not cost me a penny!


10 Things That make Christmas My Favourite Time of Year abloggersbeauty

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