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A Fentimans Christmas

A Fentimans Christmas a bloggers beauty

For a lot of people the festive period is a time to get absolutely battered and not remember what happened the next day. December is party season don’t get me wrong but you don’t have to drink alcohol to enjoy it.

I love a good party and having a few glasses of cocktails means the evening is always going to be a winner. However, a evening out with a few cocktails too can also be a good one. You really don’t need alcohol to have fun.

At the weekend I had so much fun at a Fentimans Mocktail night! It was such a laugh and the next day there was 0 headaches!

A Fentimans Christmas a bloggers beauty

A Fentimans Christmas a bloggers beauty

Being very pregnant alcohol is a definite no no, however, Fentimans mixers showed me drinks can taste just as good without the Gin or Vodka.

A combination or Lemonades, Tonic waters and fruit juices proved to be just as tasty. You may have seen my last few posts about my love of Fentimans. Their mixers are simply amazing and so wonderfully tasty. Out of their entire range my favourite has to be their Rose Lemonade, I could literally put it with anything and it would taste amazing. Pre-pregnancy it proved to taste pure bliss with a splash of Gin.

Mocktails are a really good way to getting in the party mood without the added spirit so to speak. Whether you choose not to drink or maybe you can’t drink, either way, it doesn’t mean you are a party pooper.

Some Mocktails we made were;

Virgin Screwdriver

1/2 Botanical Tonic Water
1/2 Orane juice

Pink Plaza

1/4 Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water
1/2 Victorian Lemonade
1/4 Orange Juice

Juicy Bubbles

1/4 Orange Juice
1/4 Cranberry Juice
1/4 Victorian Lemonade
1/4 Rose Lemonade

Any of these served in a cocktail glass can make you feel just as special as one with Gin etc. Fentimans soft drinks and mixers make any drink that much more flavoursome. They are my go to accompaniment and, although may be a little more expensive then your standard other brands, Fentimans have more flavour and mix so much better with juices.

One thing I am liking is the new 500ml bottles! You can buy Fentimans in local supermarkets such as Tesco or at various bars too.

Remember to drink responsibly.


A Fentimans Christmas a bloggers beauty


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