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25-33 Week Update

25-33 week bum update abloggersbeauty

33 weeks, I can’t believe It’s here already. This pregnancy has absolutely flown by and now I’ve hit the final seven weeks. I am so excited.

Although the third trimester has bought heart burn and discomfort this baby girl is the most active little thing and is so ready to meet us. I’ve been slowly getting more and more tired as the weeks are going by yet sleeping is getting less and less, any tips for comfy side sleeping would be much appreciated.

Before now it felt like parenthood was a distant thought that in the future would at some point be inevitable. Last night whilst lazing in a deep hot bath I freaked out. Like in a very very short time she’s going to be here. I still have carpet to get down, walls to paint, clothes to wash.

Over the past few weeks we have been doing the rest of the house and I had kind of forgotten about the nursery. Up-cycling the kitchen, new hallway, new bedroom furniture… it’s just been so crazy.

We order the buggy finally after o much deliberation, it really was a toss ump between Silver Cross, iCandy, Egg, Stokke, Buggaboo….. the list of choice is endless and I was literally so over it. I thought there could be nothing worse than food shopping but it turns out buggy shopping takes the biscuit. (mmmm biscuits)
The chest of draws is built, the car seats have been purchased and the rocking chair is waiting to be rocked yet the cot is no where to be seen- another purchase I must get round to sorting.

This weekend I must start to wash all the clothes!

My mum has been so generous and we have several Ted Baker dresses and they are seriously the cutest things you have ever seen. Apparently you have to wash baby clothes?! I have no idea why as most adults will buy a new item off the shelf and stick it straight on?!?

I went to my first antenatal class a few weeks ago which was surprisingly enlightening, it wasn’t half as boring as everyone had warned and I learnt a shed tonne. I signed up a few months ago to the Milk bank so if when baby girl arrives I have excess milk, after attending to her needs, I can express and give it to prem babies who desperately need it. I am so excited to be able to do this and hopefully all will go to plan and my body produces enough.

I also looked into harvesting from 37 weeks which I knew nothing about. This is all obviously in an ideal world. Not everyone is able to feed or produces enough so I am really hoping I can do this, not just for myself but the babies too.

So the next seven weeks will be a whirlwind of rest and nesting which I am super excited about, I love saving the best things until last. Nursery pics will hopefully be on my next post. Keep up to date with my journey here.


25 - 33 week update Abloggersbeauty

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